Saturday, February 27, 2016

30 Random Questions with Mom!

Hello guys! It has been a while since my previous post, 50 Random Questions .
And now it's time for 30 Random Questions! This time, the questions are from my Mom.
I reduced the number of questions from 50 to 30 because to come up with 50 questions is a bit difficult.

My Mom and I was in the car, heading to UKM, and I tried to come up with ideas for questions to be put in my blog post, and then I thought why not let my mum ask the questions and I'll answer them. So, yeah. Hahaha. This is going to be a very long post.

Lets get started!
30 Random Questions from My Mom.

1. What is your favorite food at Mamak?

My favorite food at Mamak would be Thosai, Roti canai mamak dah tak sedap.

2. What do you usually do early in the morning?

If I'm at home, I rarely wake up early. But if I do, The first thing I do is head downstairs to my piano and play some songs for about an hour or two. Yes, bangun terus pergi piano.
If I'm at college, well, of course we wake up early to go to class. That's the only reason I wake up that early.

3. At what age, that you think you should get married?

I think, around 25 or 26... Not too old, not too young.
Maybe by that time, I will be more mature and ready to carry whatever responsibilities.

4. What type of car that you always dreamed of having?

Err, I used to dreamed of buying Audi. But I think BMW is enough. Gitu.. Hahaha.

5. Since you are mixed blooded of Chinese and Malay, what do you really understand about both, Chinese and Malay cultures and tradition?

Honestly, I don't really understand both cultures and tradition but most importantly, I don't really understand the question. Haha.
But about Chinese tradition or culture, what I do know is that they really believe in luck. Like good luck or bad luck. Red symbolize good luck, as we all know. Grandma always make these Red Boiled eggs for our birthdays, so it's like wishing us good luck. And then, the position of furniture in the house is also important, for good luck.
There was one time, grandma threw away mum's orchid plant because she thought it brought bad luck. Hahahaha. Mum was pissed off.

As for Malay tradition, I don't really know much about it actually. but the tradition is mostly seen in wedding ceremonies. Like bersanding, malam berinai, and so on. Bersanding is to show off I guess, haha and parents, relatives will give their blessing to the couple. Malam berinai is like a get-together, merapatkan silaturahim gitu, spending the few hours before becoming somebody's wife. 

6.  What kind of weather do you like?

I like sunny weather, but windy. It's like bright but not too hot...

7. What kind of topic do you like to talk about with me (mom)?

Any type of topic is okay I guess. We just talk about random topics. 
But if I have to pick one, it would be about my wedding plannings. Hahaha

8. If you have a secret, with whom do you prefer to share it with? Parents, siblings or friends?

Most of my secrets are with my friends. Hahaha. The reason it is called a secret is that it is something that we wouldn't tell our parents or even siblings. I did share a few of my problems with my brothers, but the next day, the whole family knows.

9. Are you the choosy type in choosing a place to eat?

Well, yes, yes I am a bit choosy. (Mom was surprised though). I don't like a restaurant that is too crampy, crowded, dark, gloomy and hot.  And I usually go to restaurant that I am already familiar with. Yeah.

10. Which one do you prefer, sandal or shoes?

This is pretty obvious. I prefer shoes. Especially sport shoes. I used to wear jubah with sport shoes.

11. Do you prefer going shopping with friends or family?

I would say, family. Of course, my mum. Kalau mak cakap baju tu buruk, then buruk it is, I won't buy it. I need my mum's opinion because I always end up regretting my own choice.

12. Do you prefer staying indoor or going outdoor?

I like going outside, but depends on the weather. Most of the time, I prefer staying indoor.

13. If you have A Million Ringgit, what would you do with it? (only one answer?

Spend it. 

14. If you end up jobless, what would you rather be? A farmer or housewife?

This is a tough question. I don't like being a farmer or a housewife. Maybe a housewife, but at the same time I would like to further my studies. 

15. Which one is your favorite? Angah or Ayie (my brothers)?

I don't have favorites hahaha. I love doing activities or share stuffs with both of my brothers. 

16. When is the time do you need Angah the most and the time you need Ayie the most?

Hurm... I think I need Ayie the most when I need to walk to somewhere but there are dogs along the way. As for Angah... I need him the most when I'm bored. Hahaha. 

17. Friends that you think that will stay with you till the end.

I would say, Nurul Hafizah, 
and a bunch of other friends. like Joee, Darina, Ainu...

18. Do you like going to Pasar Malam?

Yes, yes I do.

19. If you found a guy that has the similar attitude, characteristics and stuff like Abu (not the real name, my ex), would you choose him as you husband?

It's 50-50. There's some part of him that would make me say yes, and some part that would make me say no. But if it's jodoh, I would just accept it.

20. Do you consider 'Ustaz' (not his real name) to be your husband?

This is one 'daheck' question. 'Ustaz" is one of my closest guy friend.
To be honest, erm, I don't wanna answer this. Hahaha. 

21. Baju kurng or Jubah?


22. If you didn't take Biomedical course, which field you would be more likely to be involved?

Maybe, Biotechnology... Compared to Biomedical, Biotech has Physics. I love physics...

23. When is the time that you need me (Mum) the most?

Brother answered this for me "Bila kakak nak pergi dobi cuci baju." 
Pffttt. Hahaha.

24. Do you prefer watching a movie in a cinema, on a television or laptop?


25. Which one of my cooking that is your favorite?

Masak lemak cili api, ikan masak sambal and kari,

26. The most expensive present that you have ever received? 

My piano? Does that consider as a present from my Dad?

27. What do you think about education? 

Education is very important. Like VERY IMPORTANT. 
Education or knowledge is like oxygen and water. We can't live without it. 

28. If you were given an offer to do bungee jumping for free, would you do it?

Yes, I would. It's in my wishlist.

29. Samsung, Sony or Apple?


30. If your ex begged for a second chance, would you give him a second chance?

Maybe yes, and maybe no. 

YES! 30 questions done! 
Thanks mum for being patient and helpful, and came up with these 30 questions.

And, thanks to you guys for reading!
That is all for now. 
Hope you guys enjoyed.

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