Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year at The Hospital

First day of January, 2016.

While people were celebrating New Year, went to the movies, doing fun stuff, visit someplace interesting and probably studying (due to the final exams),
We were at the hospital.

We= Me and Kolej 17 Kebudayaan family (Arustika Putrasakti)

Why were we at the hospital?

It was a pretty gloomy place to celebrate your New Year there, if you ask me.
Well, we went there to visit our friend, also a family member of Arustika Putrasakti.
Joefiqry is his name. Friends call him Joe.

He is around 24 years old. A third year Nutrition student.
The type that takes a really good care of his body. Exercise, eats only healthy food, great fitness and so on.
Did well in his studies.
A great dancer.
That is pretty much what I know about him, since I know him like just around March 2015.
We were in the same dance team for our college's dinner night opening performance.

So what about him?

Well, he is very, very ill right now.
I remember during our dancing days, he had this terrible cough.
He had it since even before I met him and until now. I guess, it's around a year.
When the new semester started, we saw him and, you wouldn't believe how thin he was!

And suddenly, just right after our second test, we received a news that he was admitted to Hospital Sungai Buloh due to Brain Infection.


He was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) and Toxoplasma.
I'm sure you guys know what TB is.
Toxoplasma is also an infection. (you guys can google it)

Explained by a future doctor (my senior),
Toxoplasma attacks the Red Blood Cell, digest it and causes antibodies to attack too.
It is some kind of Immune Haemolytic Anaemia, I guess.

Joe did show signs of anaemia,

But it only attacks when the immune system is weakened. Our assumption is that TB weakened his immune system and making him vulnerable to that parasite.
Most of this infection involves the central nervous system. That explains the brain infection. And now, it spreads to the lungs. Also a complication of the parasitic infection.

A few days before we visited him, he had 4 seizures attack.

"To be able to survive more than 1 seizure shows that he is strong." said one of my senior.

On The Day We Visited Him (New Year)

3 cars altogether.
Reached hospital around 4.30 pm, 45 minutes trip from Kolej 17, UPM.

Joe is in the Isolation Ward.

I entered the ward, feeling nervous. Not sure if I'm ready.
And there he was, lying on the bed. So thin.
In-tube feeding through his nose.
Extremely pale.
One of his eyes were affected too (Conjunctivitis).
He's unable to talk. (just groan-like sound)

Everyone was speechless.
Abang Hafiz went forward, and hold his hand tightly.
"Joe, kitaorang ada kat sini ni."

Abang Epull went and hold his other hand too.
Joe responded by holding back their hands.

Joe was awake, but I don't know if he recognize us.

Abang Epull took the pictures that Kak Mira printed for him.
"Joe, tengoklah, ni time kau menari zapin untuk Zafest dulu."
"Tengok gambar ni, time ni kita menari sama-sama."
"Yang ni pulak, time kau perform Makjasa."

Kak Tisya can't hold back her tears anymore, and walked quickly out of the ward.
Avoid crying in front of Joe.

Abang Epull unhold Joe's hand to do something, and Joe's hand started searching for hand to hold. Abang Hafiz took both of Joe's hands, and hold them tightly.
Hopefully that he feels calm. Knowing that we are there, by his side.

When we were laughing while Shushu told his story when he got infected by H1N1,
Joe produce that groan-like sound.

His aunt said that it is Joe responding, trying to talk.

It certainly is extremely sad, to see your friend, who used to be someone energetic, cheerful and outgoing, to lie down on a hospital bed, in all green, unable to talk, unable to move like he used to, looking very pale.

Doctor did say to not expect good news.

And today we received news (4/1/2016) that Joe has lost consciousness, in a coma and on life support.

Lets just pray for Joe. Pray for the best. 

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