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Movie Review: The Boy (Horror)

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This time I'm writing a Movie Review! Movie Review! Yeah Yeah Yeah!
A Horror movie (kinda)
So, yeah,

Every Child Needs To Feel Loved 
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So, The Boy just released last Thursday (21 January 2016). 

It's about a woman name Greta, got a job as a nanny in a big mansion belongs to Mr and Mrs Heelshire. It turned out that her job is to take care of a china doll. Things sure look awkward.

The history was that the Heelshire couple lost their son, Brahms in a fire that happened 20 years back. I guess maybe they couldn't accept their son's death, hence the doll. The doll is like a replacement of their lost son. They wash him (the doll), feed him, read him stories, put him into bed and even kiss him goodnight.

Greta thought that it was absurd. As soon as the Heelshire leaves for their so-called vacation, Greta just leave the doll and do her own stuffs. That's when strange things started happening. Thinking that there really is a spirit of Brahms, Greta start to take care of Brahms like her own son.

Turned out the Heelshire couple vacation wasn't a vacation. They drowned themselves in the sea. Suicide.
It was predictable, if you ask me...
Taking care of the doll for 20 years sure is tiring. Oh well, kids. Tantrums and all. Duh~

And then stuffs happen. A few jump scares here and there.
But no ghost. Why?

Because, it ain't a ghost story, mate.

Plot twist, Brahms not dead.
Turned out that Brahms is actually a man with hairy chest, wearing a porcelain mask.

My friends and I were like "Is that a ghost or a real person?"
Then, saw his hairy chest "Yeap, that is a real person alright."

Behind the mask, we can see that Brahms face was kinda deformed. Effect of the fire years ago I think.

In the end, the doll wasn't really possessed nor was the mansion haunted.
Brahms had been living in the basement for years, I guess.

It's either Brahms hid himself there or his parents hid him.
Why would the parents hid him?
Because when Brahms was 8 years old, he killed his friend, Emily Cribb. The police wanted to interrogate, but as soon as they reached the mansion, it was already on fire.

So they hid him to avoid losing their son. He might be thrown into the prison, but he is still so young, so probably to a center for problematic kids.

I was expecting something more extreme. Because in the social media, people keep saying that the doll is Annabelle's boyfriend. Hahaha.
Plus, it's a horror movie season, in order to compete with others, the story must be good enough.
I would say that THE BOY is kinda disappointing.

Rating : 3/5
(That's still kinda high though.)

And that is all from me.
Enjoy your movie, guys.

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