Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dark Parables - Curse of Briar Rose


Semester break is finally here. 6 weeks break from classes and exams.

Most people would be enjoying their holiday, while I'm working.
Now, I am home for the weekend,
With the free WiFi and some time, I played a game called Dark Parables.

I downloaded this game from Wild Tangent. I think most laptops have this.
I bought laptops twice and both have this Wild Tangent app. So, I assumed most laptops have this.

Wild Tangent is an app for games. Though you actually need to buy it.
So, here's the trick. You can download the free trial and finish the whole game in one shot.
But I think it only works for story-based games.

So, When I have the time (usually during holidays), I will download one game and played till then end.
And that usually takes around 4-6 hours. Yeap.
Games that I usually play would be from the Puzzle and Mystery categories.
That's why it took long hours to finish it. Because I'm not smart enough to solve the puzzle/mystery.

I've played a series of Mortimer Beckett.

1. Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox
2. Mortimer Beckett and The Lost King
3. Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief
4. Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets of The Spooky Manor

I played The Crimson Thief halfway because I got stuck in the middle, didn't know what to do and I fall asleep. Then the game closes due to inactivity. And we can only play it once. Ha ha ha yeah.

So, I've finished Mortimer Beckett, moved on, searching for new game and I found Dark Parables.
I was interested with Dark Parables because it's fairy tales related. I grew up with fairy tales, so yeah. Why not?

There are 4 Dark Parables. I played 3 of them halfway. Got stuck and fell asleep.

Yesterday, I played Dark Parables - Curse Of Briar Rose (as mentioned in the title)
From the name Briar Rose, you already know that it is about Sleeping Beauty. 
And, this is the only one that I managed to play till the end. 
Because it's not that hard compared to the other 3. 

10 chapters altogether. Around 3-4 hours. 

So the mission here is to search the castle for Sleeping Beauty to stop the curse. She has been in slumber for 1000 years. 
1000 years back a prince kissed her to break the curse. That kiss did stop the thorny vines from covering the whole kingdom and vanished, But it did not wake the princess up. She continues to be in slumber for 1000 years. Suddenly, vines were seen to be growing back in a rapid rate. It need to be stopped!

So, my role is as the detective. Search the Sleeping princess to stop the curse. 
After all the 10 chapters, I finally found the princess, woke her up using potion and the vines vanished. Curse has been lifted. Yeay.

Suddenly, the Princess asked us to lift a curse from the Frog Prince.

"Eh, eh. Baru sedar dah pandai mengarah orang ye."

But to search for the Frog Prince, you need to go through again all the chapters but in Hard Mode.
Which means no more hints. Blerhhh.

That's a no-no for me. No more... I gave up. I am not interested in Frog Prince. Go find somebody else.

So, finally I finished one of the Dark Parables series. Was expecting a better ending though. My hopes were high. Thanks for crushing it.

Really wished I didn't played the other 3 only halfway. Now, I don't how everything connected.
But nah, we can still google it
*evil laugh*

But still, I had fun.

Thanks for reading guys. That is all from me for today.

Enjoy your holiday while it lasts.

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