Friday, September 23, 2016

Praktikal Sains Bioperubatan di INFORMM, USM

Hai bakal-bakal saintis semua!

Anda salah seorang pelajar yang bakal menjalani praktikal pada cuti semester?
Ataupun sudah "Road to Graduation" dan ini merupakan sesi praktikal yang terakhir?
Masih tercari-cari tempat untuk menjalani praktikal?

Jangan risau! Aku di sini untuk membantu!

So, Practical Go Where?
Aku rekemenkan kepada korang INFORMM, USM.
INFORMM adalah nama pendek untuk Institute for Research of Molecular Medicine.
Ianya amat sesuai bagi bakal-bakal saintis yang berminat dalam bidang molecular biology dan
 *Dan ini bukan hanya untuk pelajar jurusan Bioperubatan sahaja. Pelajar jurusan Biotech, Molecular Bio, dan yang sewaktu dengannya boleh juga memohon. 

Di manakah INFORMM?
INFORMM berada di dalam kawasan USM.
Seperti mana yang korang semua tahu, USM ada di Pulau Pinang dan juga Kelantan.
Dan ya, INFORMM ada di dua-dua negeri tersebut.
Kalau rumah ada di area Pantai Timur, pergilah ke Kelantan.
Kalau rumah area Utara, maka pergilah ke Pulau Pinang.
(Kalau rasa nak dekat dengan rumah lah)
Macam aku, dari Selangor ke Pulau Pinang, apahal? Untuk jalan-jalan lah. Apa lagi.

Macam mana nak mohon ye?
Cara nak mohonnya tersangatlah senang. Mohon online sahaja. Dan urusan-urusan seterusnya juga adalah online.

Pergi ke laman web INFORMM. Korang boleh klik di sini atau Google je INFORMM.

Lepas tu, hover cursor korang pada tab "Networking" dan click pada "Industry Engagement".

klik untuk tumbesaran.
Lepas klik tu, akan keluar list of titles. Tekan pada "Research Internship in Molecular Medicine".
Dan akan keluar seperti di bawah:

Dan borangnya adalah di link tersebut. 
Isi borang tu, submit and done!

Senang je.

Bila dapat jawapan?

Jawapan selalunya dapat dalam masa 2 minggu. Aku dulu dapat jawapan selepas seminggu memohon. 
Dan jawapan tu dihantar melalui e-mel. Rajin-rajinkan diri cek e-mel ye. Dah besar dah.

Nak pilih Supervisor yang mana ye?

Dalam borang tu, kita boleh memilih 3 orang supervisor. 
Supervisor 1
Supervisor 2
Supervisor 3
Dan permohonan kita akan dihantar ke Supervisor 1 dulu. Kalau dia terima kita, settle. Kalau dia reject, permohonan kita akan pass kepada Supervisor 2 and so on.

Setiap supervisor tu ada bidang kepakaran mereka sendiri. Contohnya, supervisor aku, Dr. Eugene, bidang kepakarannya adalah dalam "Molecular Biology of Infectious Disease". 

Korang boleh tengok senarai supervisor dan bidang kepakaran mereka di sini:

Click di "About Us" dan klik pada "Academics". And tadaa!

Boleh menginap di kolej kediaman USM tak?

Boleh. Just call pejabat UPPU, USM dan mereka akan suruh korang hantar surat rasmi permohonan penginapan kepada mereka. 
Dan mereka akan emailkan surat-surat dan borang-borang yang perlu diisi dan dibawa. 
Easy peasy.

Selesai cerita tentang INFORMM dan cara-cara memohonnya.

Dan di sini ada video pendek yang aku buat, summary praktikal aku di INFORMM, USM.

Itu sahaja dari aku,
Aku akan ceritakan pengalaman aku di situ, InshaAllah, dalam post lain.
Harap ini membantu korang-korang yang sedang tercari-cari lagi.

Monday, August 29, 2016

How It Feels Like To Lose A Mother

Assalamualaikum and hi guys.

So recently, I have been receiving news of people passed away. My friend's grandmother, my friend's aunt and my friend's mother.
And they all have one thing in common.
They were mothers.
They were somebody's mum.
They were my friend's mum.
They were my friend's dad mum.

Which occur to me, How It Feels Like To Lose a Mother.
It has been in my mind for quite a while. I thought about it at times.
Like if my mother passed away, what should I do? How would I feel? Would I be strong enough to face it, to accept it? Can I take care of my family? Would I be lonely?

My Mother

I am not the type of person that talks much, but I talk a lot with my mum. Especially, when I got home from college. I talk non stop until my mum pretended to be asleep to make me stop.
She is like a friend, a BFF but of course I respect her as a mother.
She always know what I wanted to eat.
I was craving for spaghetti, and suddenly she texted me saying that she cooked spaghetti for dinner.
I wanted KFC, and suddenly she called and asked dad to buy KFC.
These happened a lot of times, and I'm amazed. Like what kind of sixth sense was that.
I remember I 'kacau' her praying, and she chased me out of her room. Then she took revenge by 'kacau' me back when I pray, although what she did was unintentionally. Hahaha.

To me, my mum is such a strong woman. I think all mothers are. I know how hard she work. Sometimes I felt angry towards my brothers for making things much difficult for her. But sometimes I was the one making things difficult and I felt bad. But I don't really apologize. Malu. Hahaha. And probably ego. Sometimes I apologize through letters, texts. Sometimes I hug her for no reason, to compensate for what I did.
There was one time, she had infection in one of her ears. When I got home for the weekend, I saw her lying on her side in front of the TV. After putting my stuffs down, I lie down behind her, and hug her from the back. And I heard her sobbing. I know it must have been so hard for her.

My mum is great in many ways.
There's more that I wanted to write about my mum, but that would be a really really long post.
I think this is more than enough to show how important my mum is in my life.
And losing her would be like losing a part of me.

I can't imagine how would it be like to go home, and she won't be there.
She won't be there
to make fun of my pimply face,
to listen to my endless stories,
to get tease by me,
to laugh at my lame jokes,
to request me play the piano,
to boast about her cooking,
to make fun of our dad,
to tell all the funny things that happened when I wasn't home,
and the list goes on and on and on...

But of course, this is how life is.
Everything that we have is borrowed from Allah.

Be nice to your parents. You never know when is your last moment with them.
Make time for them.
Make them happy.
Don't treat them like a burden, because they never treat us like a burden.

"Always love your mother, because you will never get another..."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Quick and Short Updates!

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!
How are you guys? If you ask me, I am both okay and not okay.

This is gonna be quite a short update about what's happening currently in my life.
I think I rarely do posts like this, but it's better than not writing anything.

1. End of Second Year!

Actually, I haven't completely end my Second year yet. I still have this one and a half month of internship. But going for internship is better than spending the whole 2 months of semester break doing nothing, if you ask me.
But after I completed my internship, that will be the official end of my second year. The official end, that will only last for about 3 days before the new semester starts.

Hahaha. Yeah. Great.

2. I'm in Penang Baybeh!

Yes, I'm doing my internship in USM, Penang. I've always dreamed of doing my degree here in USM but UPM doesn't wanna let me go. Hahaha. Intern kat USM pun jadilah.
I'm going to update about my internship here in INFORMM, USM in other post.
Internship aside, we get to explore Penang! Honestly I've never stay somewhere outside of Selangor any longer than a week. At least I get to experience what it felt like to study somewhere far.

3. Getting Ready for Third Year?

Wow. Being a Third year student makes me thing how fast does the time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday I went through First year's orientation. And now I'm going to be a third year and then final year. Final Year Project!!! I don't think I'm ready for any of this, but as usual, we are just gonna go through this. Redah je.

4. Relationship?

I got myself into and out of a relationship recently.
And I have something to say about this to all of you youngsters, teenagers, young adults.
Hope I could publish it soon.
For me, it is a very serious matter. And I want to spread the message to all of you.

I guess that is all for now...
Stay positive, guys and be happy.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Respect, No Matter Who They Are

Well, Hi guys.
Sorry for not posting as frequently as I did before, (if there are any regular readers, which I doubt there are any but who knows).
But it's not like I post that frequent before this. Hihiks.

I admit that I have been lazy...
All the free times I had, I spent it in sleeping.

Nothing much is going on in my life. Actually, there's a whole lot of bunch, but that will be in another post.
In this post, I wanna talk about Respect.

17 May 2016

There was a play held in Panggung Percubaan for FESTIK 2016. And that night, it's my college's play, K17.
MTM (Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa or College Student Council) posted in college's Facebook group, stating that there will be buses to Panggung Percubaan at 7.30, 8.00 and 8.30 p.m.

In the usual bus schedule, there is no 8.30 bus.
The usual schedule is 8.00 p.m., 9.00 p.m, 10.00 p.m., and so on.
But since the MTM posted that, I guess there is a bus at 8.30.
And yes there is. But there's no driver although the bus is already full with students.

All the seats were already taken, so I just stand near the back door. At the back rows, there were a group of boys. The noisy kind.
But, oh well, I don't really mind.

And so we waited for the driver.
We wait and wait and wait some more.

The boys at the back starting to get all cranky.

"Aduh Pakcik ni. Pukul berapa nak gerak ni."

And then suddenly, the bus driver said that the bus will move at 9.00 p.m.
Which is like the usual schedule.
I was like, okay. Maybe there's a miscommunication between the bus driver and MTM.
It's okay though.

But the boys at the back started saying things that are.... rude.

"Pakcik ni, memang mencabar kesabaran aku betul lah."

"Pakcik ni dulu bukan habis pun PMR."

"Hashtag Driver Babi."

I was like Wow. Just Wow.
Such words thrown to a bus driver who might just probably be innocent and did nothing wrong.
Even if he is at fault, there's no need for such foul sentence.
This is just disappointing.

I look at the reflection of the mirror, to see their faces, indirectly, of course.
Ah, First years.
This is very upsetting.

The bus driver might just be not informed about the 8.30 bus, 'cause originally there is no 8.30 bus.
If they are not informed, it's just natural for them to stick to the original schedule.
And I do understand that the boys were getting impatient, so am I, and maybe all the passengers in that bus,
But still, there's no need for such words.

There are bus drivers who have a diploma, even a degree.
Just because their job isn't as glamorous as medical doctor, you don't have to mock them like that.

This is disappointing.

I hope you guys learned something from this post.

Be someone who respects others, no matter who they are, no matter what kind of jobs they have.
For that, you will be respected.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Maksud Jerawat di Muka

Situasi di KFC, Banting.
Bawak Ayie (adik) outing.

Mak : Banyaknya jerawat ayie sekarang.

Ayie : Maksudnya ayie ada banyak awek.

Aku : Pffttt... *mata keatas*

Ayie : Betul lah. Cuba tengok Angah. Angah takda awek, sebabtu takda jerawat.

Aku : Angah ada satu lah jerawat. Sebab Angah ada sorang awek.

Ayie : Haa. Tengok muka kakak. Dulu kakak ada banyak pakwe, sebab tu ada banyak jerawat. Tengok muka kakak sekarang. Sekarang kakak takda pakwe, sebabtu licin.

Aku : Ciss....

I feel insulted.
Tak pasti sebab jerawat atau sebab takda pakwe.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

30 Random Questions with Mom!

Hello guys! It has been a while since my previous post, 50 Random Questions .
And now it's time for 30 Random Questions! This time, the questions are from my Mom.
I reduced the number of questions from 50 to 30 because to come up with 50 questions is a bit difficult.

My Mom and I was in the car, heading to UKM, and I tried to come up with ideas for questions to be put in my blog post, and then I thought why not let my mum ask the questions and I'll answer them. So, yeah. Hahaha. This is going to be a very long post.

Lets get started!
30 Random Questions from My Mom.

1. What is your favorite food at Mamak?

My favorite food at Mamak would be Thosai, Roti canai mamak dah tak sedap.

2. What do you usually do early in the morning?

If I'm at home, I rarely wake up early. But if I do, The first thing I do is head downstairs to my piano and play some songs for about an hour or two. Yes, bangun terus pergi piano.
If I'm at college, well, of course we wake up early to go to class. That's the only reason I wake up that early.

3. At what age, that you think you should get married?

I think, around 25 or 26... Not too old, not too young.
Maybe by that time, I will be more mature and ready to carry whatever responsibilities.

4. What type of car that you always dreamed of having?

Err, I used to dreamed of buying Audi. But I think BMW is enough. Gitu.. Hahaha.

5. Since you are mixed blooded of Chinese and Malay, what do you really understand about both, Chinese and Malay cultures and tradition?

Honestly, I don't really understand both cultures and tradition but most importantly, I don't really understand the question. Haha.
But about Chinese tradition or culture, what I do know is that they really believe in luck. Like good luck or bad luck. Red symbolize good luck, as we all know. Grandma always make these Red Boiled eggs for our birthdays, so it's like wishing us good luck. And then, the position of furniture in the house is also important, for good luck.
There was one time, grandma threw away mum's orchid plant because she thought it brought bad luck. Hahahaha. Mum was pissed off.

As for Malay tradition, I don't really know much about it actually. but the tradition is mostly seen in wedding ceremonies. Like bersanding, malam berinai, and so on. Bersanding is to show off I guess, haha and parents, relatives will give their blessing to the couple. Malam berinai is like a get-together, merapatkan silaturahim gitu, spending the few hours before becoming somebody's wife. 

6.  What kind of weather do you like?

I like sunny weather, but windy. It's like bright but not too hot...

7. What kind of topic do you like to talk about with me (mom)?

Any type of topic is okay I guess. We just talk about random topics. 
But if I have to pick one, it would be about my wedding plannings. Hahaha

8. If you have a secret, with whom do you prefer to share it with? Parents, siblings or friends?

Most of my secrets are with my friends. Hahaha. The reason it is called a secret is that it is something that we wouldn't tell our parents or even siblings. I did share a few of my problems with my brothers, but the next day, the whole family knows.

9. Are you the choosy type in choosing a place to eat?

Well, yes, yes I am a bit choosy. (Mom was surprised though). I don't like a restaurant that is too crampy, crowded, dark, gloomy and hot.  And I usually go to restaurant that I am already familiar with. Yeah.

10. Which one do you prefer, sandal or shoes?

This is pretty obvious. I prefer shoes. Especially sport shoes. I used to wear jubah with sport shoes.

11. Do you prefer going shopping with friends or family?

I would say, family. Of course, my mum. Kalau mak cakap baju tu buruk, then buruk it is, I won't buy it. I need my mum's opinion because I always end up regretting my own choice.

12. Do you prefer staying indoor or going outdoor?

I like going outside, but depends on the weather. Most of the time, I prefer staying indoor.

13. If you have A Million Ringgit, what would you do with it? (only one answer?

Spend it. 

14. If you end up jobless, what would you rather be? A farmer or housewife?

This is a tough question. I don't like being a farmer or a housewife. Maybe a housewife, but at the same time I would like to further my studies. 

15. Which one is your favorite? Angah or Ayie (my brothers)?

I don't have favorites hahaha. I love doing activities or share stuffs with both of my brothers. 

16. When is the time do you need Angah the most and the time you need Ayie the most?

Hurm... I think I need Ayie the most when I need to walk to somewhere but there are dogs along the way. As for Angah... I need him the most when I'm bored. Hahaha. 

17. Friends that you think that will stay with you till the end.

I would say, Nurul Hafizah, 
and a bunch of other friends. like Joee, Darina, Ainu...

18. Do you like going to Pasar Malam?

Yes, yes I do.

19. If you found a guy that has the similar attitude, characteristics and stuff like Abu (not the real name, my ex), would you choose him as you husband?

It's 50-50. There's some part of him that would make me say yes, and some part that would make me say no. But if it's jodoh, I would just accept it.

20. Do you consider 'Ustaz' (not his real name) to be your husband?

This is one 'daheck' question. 'Ustaz" is one of my closest guy friend.
To be honest, erm, I don't wanna answer this. Hahaha. 

21. Baju kurng or Jubah?


22. If you didn't take Biomedical course, which field you would be more likely to be involved?

Maybe, Biotechnology... Compared to Biomedical, Biotech has Physics. I love physics...

23. When is the time that you need me (Mum) the most?

Brother answered this for me "Bila kakak nak pergi dobi cuci baju." 
Pffttt. Hahaha.

24. Do you prefer watching a movie in a cinema, on a television or laptop?


25. Which one of my cooking that is your favorite?

Masak lemak cili api, ikan masak sambal and kari,

26. The most expensive present that you have ever received? 

My piano? Does that consider as a present from my Dad?

27. What do you think about education? 

Education is very important. Like VERY IMPORTANT. 
Education or knowledge is like oxygen and water. We can't live without it. 

28. If you were given an offer to do bungee jumping for free, would you do it?

Yes, I would. It's in my wishlist.

29. Samsung, Sony or Apple?


30. If your ex begged for a second chance, would you give him a second chance?

Maybe yes, and maybe no. 

YES! 30 questions done! 
Thanks mum for being patient and helpful, and came up with these 30 questions.

And, thanks to you guys for reading!
That is all for now. 
Hope you guys enjoyed.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE, UPM FAQs! (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hi Guys!

So, ramai yang bertanya kat aku pasal Biomedical Science ni atau bahasa melayu-nya Sains Bioperubatan.
Even post aku yang sebelum ni tentang Sains Bioperubatan di UPM menjadi antara post aku yang popular. Kahkahkah.
Di comment section post tersebut, ramai yang bertanya tentang kursus and selalunya soalan diorang lebih kurang sama je.
Maka dengan itu, wujudlah post ini untuk anda semua.

(catatan: Semua ni adalah based on Biomedical Science UPM. Universiti lain mungkin lain cara mereka)

That's me looking like a pro scientist

1. Berapakah pointer minimum yang diperlukan untuk kursus Sains Bioperubatan?

This is the most common one.
Alright, so, you guys mungkin pernah tengok dekat website atau brochure UPM or something, and it stated that the minimum requirement is 3.0...
But but but....
Seperti mana yang korang tahu, yang memohon itu ramai dan kuotanya tidaklah banyak seperti Medic.
I would say that the minimum requirement is 3.5. Sometimes, even 3.5 is not secure enough.
Most of my classmates that were from matriculation, their pointers were 3.8 and above.
Yeap, saingan terlalu tinggi.

2. Lepas graduate nanti kerja ape eh? Kerja luas tak? Senang dapat kerja tak?

This is a tough one to answer, honestly. Because this course is pretty vast, so is the job scope. You can be researchers, lecturers. Common ones, working in the hospital, I guess.
Jobs like Pathologist, Hematologist, Microbiologist (in the medical field of course) and a whole lot more of -gist.
Korang boleh involve in stuffs like insurance and management to.
And then, there's Forensic, Pharmaceutical and the list goes on.
I hope you guys get the rough idea.

Senang dapat kerja atau tak... I can't guarantee you anything about this. Ada yang graduate terus dapat kerja. What I can say is that rezeki Allah S.W.T itu luas.

3. Pertukaran Kursus/Kos 

Tapi dari Medic ke Biomedic, boleh. Of course. Hahaha. Agak-agak macam tak boleh carry Medic, boleh tukar ke biomedic.

Tapi kalau dari kursus-kursus lain, Diet ke Nutrition ke, apa-apa pun boleh mintak tukar ke kursus Biomedic, selepas setahun pengajian. Maksudnya, habiskan first year dulu, then baru boleh apply.
Apply, then tengoklah lulus ke tak. Huhu.

4. Subjek-subjek Biomedic ni senang score tak?

Yang pastinya, kalau tak baca, confirm tak boleh jawab. Kalau dah baca pun tak boleh jawab, apatah lagi kalau tak baca.
Hahaha. Okay, Didn't mean to scare you.
One thing for sure, tak baca memang tak boleh jawab. Baca pula, bukan sekadar baca... Faham dan hafal. Absorb everything like a sponge.

If you are a last minute sprinter. Well, urm, good luck. Hahaha. Unless if you have a very large brain capacity and baca je memang terus faham, like yeah I got this, and this too. Then, I guess it's okay.

So, senang atau tidak? Tiada yang senang di dunia ini. Semuanya diperolehi melalui usaha, titik peluh dan doa.

5. Biomedic ni senang dapat JPA tak?

Well, batch aku ramai lah. But with all the rumors and stuff, I can't guarantee you anything.

6. Minimum requirement untuk MUET band berapa ye?

Band 3...

7. Praktikal untuk kursus ni macam mana ye?

Praktikal adalah pada setiap tahun, bukan setiap sem. Maksudnya Sem 2, Sem 4, Sem 6.

1st Practical - Di makmal Fakulti Perubatan, UPM.
2nd Practical - Latihan Industri
3rd Practical - Hospital

Tempoh : 4 minggu...

8. Subjek Elektif tu kena pilih ke? Bila boleh ambil subjek elektif? 

Yes, subjek elektif kena pilih, and ambik masa Final Year. Total credit hour 15.
So, contohnya Sem 1 ambik 6 credit hours and Sem 2 ambik 9 credit hours.

9. Apa beza Biomedic and Medic?

Medic focuses on treating the patient and deal with patients.
Biomedic more like working backstage. In the lab. Dealing with lab works. We need to run the samples from the patient. Then, bagi dekat doktor.
Teamwork, yeah...
Blerh hahaha.

10. Apa beza Biomedic dengan Biotech dan Teknologi Perubatan?

Beza antara Biomedic dan Biotech? We ain't got Physics, bro.

Beza antara Biomedic dan Teknologi Perubatan?
I think, obviously, technology. You guys come up with some new medical technology, we are the ones who are going to use it.
I think so. Hehe.
I think Biomedic is more on to the theory part while you guys is more on to the practical part.

So, there you go. Frequently Asked Questions about Biomedical Science.
Do take note that this is based on Biomedic UPM. I don't know about other universities. But still, I hope you guys get the rough idea.
Semoga lebih jelas lah nak pilih jalan yang mana time nak mohon tu.
Really hope that this helps!
Good luck!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Movie Review: The Boy (Horror)

And Hi guys.

This time I'm writing a Movie Review! Movie Review! Yeah Yeah Yeah!
A Horror movie (kinda)
So, yeah,

Every Child Needs To Feel Loved 
credit :

So, The Boy just released last Thursday (21 January 2016). 

It's about a woman name Greta, got a job as a nanny in a big mansion belongs to Mr and Mrs Heelshire. It turned out that her job is to take care of a china doll. Things sure look awkward.

The history was that the Heelshire couple lost their son, Brahms in a fire that happened 20 years back. I guess maybe they couldn't accept their son's death, hence the doll. The doll is like a replacement of their lost son. They wash him (the doll), feed him, read him stories, put him into bed and even kiss him goodnight.

Greta thought that it was absurd. As soon as the Heelshire leaves for their so-called vacation, Greta just leave the doll and do her own stuffs. That's when strange things started happening. Thinking that there really is a spirit of Brahms, Greta start to take care of Brahms like her own son.

Turned out the Heelshire couple vacation wasn't a vacation. They drowned themselves in the sea. Suicide.
It was predictable, if you ask me...
Taking care of the doll for 20 years sure is tiring. Oh well, kids. Tantrums and all. Duh~

And then stuffs happen. A few jump scares here and there.
But no ghost. Why?

Because, it ain't a ghost story, mate.

Plot twist, Brahms not dead.
Turned out that Brahms is actually a man with hairy chest, wearing a porcelain mask.

My friends and I were like "Is that a ghost or a real person?"
Then, saw his hairy chest "Yeap, that is a real person alright."

Behind the mask, we can see that Brahms face was kinda deformed. Effect of the fire years ago I think.

In the end, the doll wasn't really possessed nor was the mansion haunted.
Brahms had been living in the basement for years, I guess.

It's either Brahms hid himself there or his parents hid him.
Why would the parents hid him?
Because when Brahms was 8 years old, he killed his friend, Emily Cribb. The police wanted to interrogate, but as soon as they reached the mansion, it was already on fire.

So they hid him to avoid losing their son. He might be thrown into the prison, but he is still so young, so probably to a center for problematic kids.

I was expecting something more extreme. Because in the social media, people keep saying that the doll is Annabelle's boyfriend. Hahaha.
Plus, it's a horror movie season, in order to compete with others, the story must be good enough.
I would say that THE BOY is kinda disappointing.

Rating : 3/5
(That's still kinda high though.)

And that is all from me.
Enjoy your movie, guys.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kisah Staf Pejabat dan Borang Soal Selidik

Jam menunjukkan pukul 11 pagi dan aku sekarang di pejabat kolej. Boy, am I sleepy.
Yes, aku kerja di pejabat kolej pada waktu cuti semester.
That means, aku duduk extra sebulan di kolej. Yes, hidup aku hanya di kolej.
Kawan-kawan panggil aku 'Mokcik Pejabat''

Pada 18hb Januari 2016,
sorang pelajar final year ni hantar borang soal selidik (questionnaire), mintak tolong staf-staf pejabat kolej jawab.

Memandangkan aku bukan staf tetap, aku tak jawab lah questionnaire tu.

Questionnaire tu pasal awareness kita terhadap penggunaan Asid Borik dalam penyediaan makanan/makanan diproses.

Asid Borik = Boric Acid (based on Google, correct me if I'm wrong)

Kecohlah pejabat pagi tu dengan Asid Borik.

"Apa tu Asid Borik?"
"Asid Borik tu apa?"

Abang Syamsul "Asid Burik tu apa?"
Abang Aziz "Kau sebut tu lain macam bunyinya."

Che Mat "Kau tau tak Asid Borik tu apa?"
Abang Fari "Apa dia Che Mat?"
Che Mat "Asid Borik tu kentut kita."
Abang Fari "Habis kentut kita berasid lah ye?"

Memang aku gelak je pagi tu.

Antara semua abang-abang pejabat, abang Farizal je yang search kat Google apa itu Asid Borik.

Abang Farizal "Kat website ni tulis Asid Borik ni ada dalam mee kuning, fishball dan banyak lagi. Kandungan Asid Borik tak banyak tapi sangat beracun. Aih? Dia ingat aku ni serangga ke nak diracun-racunkan."

Even aku student Sains Kesihatan pun. aku sendiri tak tahu tentang Asid Borik.
Based on the sources on internet, Asid Borik ni bahan yang digunakan di dalam racun-racun serangga dan juga sebagai bahan pengawet makanan.
But dengarnya, penggunaan Asid Borik di dalam makanan telah diharamkan.

Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, anda boleh tanya sendiri pada Pakcik Google.

Dan Asid Borik tu bukan kentut kita.

Thanks for reading guys.
That's all for now.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dark Parables - Curse of Briar Rose


Semester break is finally here. 6 weeks break from classes and exams.

Most people would be enjoying their holiday, while I'm working.
Now, I am home for the weekend,
With the free WiFi and some time, I played a game called Dark Parables.

I downloaded this game from Wild Tangent. I think most laptops have this.
I bought laptops twice and both have this Wild Tangent app. So, I assumed most laptops have this.

Wild Tangent is an app for games. Though you actually need to buy it.
So, here's the trick. You can download the free trial and finish the whole game in one shot.
But I think it only works for story-based games.

So, When I have the time (usually during holidays), I will download one game and played till then end.
And that usually takes around 4-6 hours. Yeap.
Games that I usually play would be from the Puzzle and Mystery categories.
That's why it took long hours to finish it. Because I'm not smart enough to solve the puzzle/mystery.

I've played a series of Mortimer Beckett.

1. Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox
2. Mortimer Beckett and The Lost King
3. Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief
4. Mortimer Beckett and The Secrets of The Spooky Manor

I played The Crimson Thief halfway because I got stuck in the middle, didn't know what to do and I fall asleep. Then the game closes due to inactivity. And we can only play it once. Ha ha ha yeah.

So, I've finished Mortimer Beckett, moved on, searching for new game and I found Dark Parables.
I was interested with Dark Parables because it's fairy tales related. I grew up with fairy tales, so yeah. Why not?

There are 4 Dark Parables. I played 3 of them halfway. Got stuck and fell asleep.

Yesterday, I played Dark Parables - Curse Of Briar Rose (as mentioned in the title)
From the name Briar Rose, you already know that it is about Sleeping Beauty. 
And, this is the only one that I managed to play till the end. 
Because it's not that hard compared to the other 3. 

10 chapters altogether. Around 3-4 hours. 

So the mission here is to search the castle for Sleeping Beauty to stop the curse. She has been in slumber for 1000 years. 
1000 years back a prince kissed her to break the curse. That kiss did stop the thorny vines from covering the whole kingdom and vanished, But it did not wake the princess up. She continues to be in slumber for 1000 years. Suddenly, vines were seen to be growing back in a rapid rate. It need to be stopped!

So, my role is as the detective. Search the Sleeping princess to stop the curse. 
After all the 10 chapters, I finally found the princess, woke her up using potion and the vines vanished. Curse has been lifted. Yeay.

Suddenly, the Princess asked us to lift a curse from the Frog Prince.

"Eh, eh. Baru sedar dah pandai mengarah orang ye."

But to search for the Frog Prince, you need to go through again all the chapters but in Hard Mode.
Which means no more hints. Blerhhh.

That's a no-no for me. No more... I gave up. I am not interested in Frog Prince. Go find somebody else.

So, finally I finished one of the Dark Parables series. Was expecting a better ending though. My hopes were high. Thanks for crushing it.

Really wished I didn't played the other 3 only halfway. Now, I don't how everything connected.
But nah, we can still google it
*evil laugh*

But still, I had fun.

Thanks for reading guys. That is all from me for today.

Enjoy your holiday while it lasts.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year at The Hospital

First day of January, 2016.

While people were celebrating New Year, went to the movies, doing fun stuff, visit someplace interesting and probably studying (due to the final exams),
We were at the hospital.

We= Me and Kolej 17 Kebudayaan family (Arustika Putrasakti)

Why were we at the hospital?

It was a pretty gloomy place to celebrate your New Year there, if you ask me.
Well, we went there to visit our friend, also a family member of Arustika Putrasakti.
Joefiqry is his name. Friends call him Joe.

He is around 24 years old. A third year Nutrition student.
The type that takes a really good care of his body. Exercise, eats only healthy food, great fitness and so on.
Did well in his studies.
A great dancer.
That is pretty much what I know about him, since I know him like just around March 2015.
We were in the same dance team for our college's dinner night opening performance.

So what about him?

Well, he is very, very ill right now.
I remember during our dancing days, he had this terrible cough.
He had it since even before I met him and until now. I guess, it's around a year.
When the new semester started, we saw him and, you wouldn't believe how thin he was!

And suddenly, just right after our second test, we received a news that he was admitted to Hospital Sungai Buloh due to Brain Infection.


He was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) and Toxoplasma.
I'm sure you guys know what TB is.
Toxoplasma is also an infection. (you guys can google it)

Explained by a future doctor (my senior),
Toxoplasma attacks the Red Blood Cell, digest it and causes antibodies to attack too.
It is some kind of Immune Haemolytic Anaemia, I guess.

Joe did show signs of anaemia,

But it only attacks when the immune system is weakened. Our assumption is that TB weakened his immune system and making him vulnerable to that parasite.
Most of this infection involves the central nervous system. That explains the brain infection. And now, it spreads to the lungs. Also a complication of the parasitic infection.

A few days before we visited him, he had 4 seizures attack.

"To be able to survive more than 1 seizure shows that he is strong." said one of my senior.

On The Day We Visited Him (New Year)

3 cars altogether.
Reached hospital around 4.30 pm, 45 minutes trip from Kolej 17, UPM.

Joe is in the Isolation Ward.

I entered the ward, feeling nervous. Not sure if I'm ready.
And there he was, lying on the bed. So thin.
In-tube feeding through his nose.
Extremely pale.
One of his eyes were affected too (Conjunctivitis).
He's unable to talk. (just groan-like sound)

Everyone was speechless.
Abang Hafiz went forward, and hold his hand tightly.
"Joe, kitaorang ada kat sini ni."

Abang Epull went and hold his other hand too.
Joe responded by holding back their hands.

Joe was awake, but I don't know if he recognize us.

Abang Epull took the pictures that Kak Mira printed for him.
"Joe, tengoklah, ni time kau menari zapin untuk Zafest dulu."
"Tengok gambar ni, time ni kita menari sama-sama."
"Yang ni pulak, time kau perform Makjasa."

Kak Tisya can't hold back her tears anymore, and walked quickly out of the ward.
Avoid crying in front of Joe.

Abang Epull unhold Joe's hand to do something, and Joe's hand started searching for hand to hold. Abang Hafiz took both of Joe's hands, and hold them tightly.
Hopefully that he feels calm. Knowing that we are there, by his side.

When we were laughing while Shushu told his story when he got infected by H1N1,
Joe produce that groan-like sound.

His aunt said that it is Joe responding, trying to talk.

It certainly is extremely sad, to see your friend, who used to be someone energetic, cheerful and outgoing, to lie down on a hospital bed, in all green, unable to talk, unable to move like he used to, looking very pale.

Doctor did say to not expect good news.

And today we received news (4/1/2016) that Joe has lost consciousness, in a coma and on life support.

Lets just pray for Joe. Pray for the best.