Monday, December 21, 2015

One Way To Keep Me Motivated


Study week has finally arrived. 7 days to save the semester!

I really wish I could save this semester and not bring down the cgpa.
I am still wasting time and lazying around.

My carry marks are just so-so.
But my aims are so damn high. So, I know I need to work harder for the finals.

So, I need to motivate myself and remind myself of my goal which is to graduate with a First Class Degree.

One way to motivate myself is by watching:

"Hari Jubah"
by Mat Luthfi

watch it, guys :)

I just can't help but to get inspired by this video....
Because one of my dreams is to study abroad. Watching him in this video makes me think that it must be nice to study in a foreign country. We get to learn and experience different things. 

Just the thought of it makes me feel fired up.

And then, if I were to graduate, I must make sure that I feel satisfied with the cert that I received. As if my hardwork is finally paid off. 
So, I need to study harder, get the best result and be extremely happy on my Graduation Day.


"Don't wish for it. Work for it."
Lets make it happen!

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