Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Birthday Story

Assalamualaikum, sisters and brothers,

10 December 2015 was the day I officially turned 20.

"Kau baru masuk 20 tahun?"
"Mudanya kau."
"Lambatnya kau lahir."

Yeap, I get that a lot from peers of the same age.
I think the lateness of my birth kinda affect my attitude, my childishness. Hahaha.

"So, how was your birthday?"

Well, my birthday was awesome! Really, my birthday was never boring and is one annual event that I always look forward to. Celebrations, wishes, presents, cards. How can it not be awesome?

This year's birthday, like any other person's birthday, starts with wishes on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.
Though, people often says that wishes through messages or online statuses are not meaningful but I find it quite the opposite.
Yes, maybe posting wishes on a Facebook wall is effortless, doesn't cost anything but it is still meaningful for me. Because they actually took the time to wish me.
So, I took some of my time to reply all their wishes with a nice 'Thank you' to show my gratitude.

psst... My brother actually sent an audio of him singing Happy Birthday. Such a monotonous singing. Hahaha.

When I went to class, everyone wished me Happy Birthday. Which is kinda embarrassing. Hahaha.
"Hi, Birthday girl." said Matt
and I looked at him with the sweetest smile ever instead of my usual arrogant look. And they all laughed.

Then, I received a Birthday card from Kamelia. A birthday card that she chose in front of me on the day she bought it. Hahaha.

And then, there's a two hours gap between classes. I headed back to my room, to take a short nap. But before I could shut my eyes, Miu called me.

"Ha, Peah. Jom turun makan. Makan kek."
"Oh, okay."

I didn't expect to get a birthday cake. Plus, it is a cake from the most unexpected people, Matt and Miu. Thanks, guys.

Peah, Darina and Miu's territory

Thank You, Matt.

Dahlah makan kek setengah jam sebelum kuiz pada waktu tengahari di pondok blok. 
Junior yang lalu pun kitaorang pelawa makan kek. Hahaha.

Matt "Okay, jom kita nyanyi Happy Birthday kuat-kuat."
Me "Heish! Janganlah. Malu aku. Hahaha."

I received a present from Darina at the end of the day. It's a Handbag!
I did mention about buying a bag. Now that I already got one from Darina, well, jimat duit. Hahaha

That is pretty much it.

I would like to say thanks to everyone that wished me, to those who took the trouble to buy me present, cards and cake.

Thank you guys so much.
I really, really appreciate it.

Thank you too to mum and dad, for raising up a daughter like me for 20 years.
I won't promise to be a good child, because I might not be able to fulfill it, but I will try my hardest to be one.

That is all from me, for now.
Love, Peah. 


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