Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2 October 2015

2 October 2015

Is the date that I will never forget. In Shaa Allah.

Who would have known that it would be the day that someone I know leave the world forever.
Leaving family and friends that love him so much.

It was around 6.40 a.m. (Subuh period), my mum called.
"May, Syahmi dah meninggal dunia."

I was like 'HAAA?' and went speechless.
It's hard to believe and accept the fact that he is no longer here with us.
Someone who used to be real close to me, although it was a long time ago, trust me, it isn't easy for me either.

Because he is still so young.
A year younger than me.
Which makes me realized that Allah can take our lives anytime.


Hey Syahmi, I know it's pretty useless because you can't read it anyway, but I still wanna write this. Do you remember that we used to ask each other what would you do/feel if one of us passed away? Now, I know how it felt like but I couldn't tell you, it's impossible, since you are not here anymore.

It has been 2 years since we last spoken.
I just wanna say that I'm sorry for everything that I've done or say. I know I was pretty mean to you. But, I couldn't help it. (Because I get annoyed easily, I'm sorry). But despite that, we do have some pretty good memories together.

You are a nice guy, you know? You still treat me nicely even though I did not treat you the same. Some patience you got there, bruh.
I still remember the times you made me laugh... Hahaha. Good times. It's true, I guess, to make a girl fall for you is to make her laugh.
I was always impressed by your drawings. I did not know you were that good. I never wanna admit it before, but I will say it now... You are talented. But of course, you can't read this.

Thank you for all those good times. I believe your presence in my life have taught me valuable lessons.
And I'm sorry, although you probably already forgave me, but still, I'm sorry.

That is all I wanna say.

"Semoga kau ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman"

Syahmi Ayadi (1996-2015)

To others, 
Please take a real good care of yourself. 
Please tell your parents if you are going somewhere.
Imagine you as a parent, you don't even know where did your child go, and suddenly they are already gone. How would you feel?

So please. Informing you parents wouldn't hurt... and if they did not allow you to go, it's for your own good. 
And take a really good, good care of yourself.
Be good to others.

That is all from me.

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