Sunday, August 23, 2015

Warm Bodies


It's currently 2 am, and I've just finish watching a movie titled "Warm Bodies".
Yeah, I know that this movie was released like a few years back, but I wasn't really into zombie movies, so yeah....

I took this movie from a friend of mine, like 5 months ago, and I've just watch it now.
Yeah, I was really busy before, but the truth is, I was just scared. There, I admit it.

I can't tolerate much with horror movie. I get panic, frightened, scared, excited real easy. Like extremely easy.

Although people said that 'Warm Bodies' is not a horror movie. More like a romance, a little comedy movie. But still, I don't have the guts to watch because it has zombies in it.

Why did I decided to watch it today? Because of my brother. He wanted to watch a movie, and he chose Warm Bodies. He said he didn't watch the ending before. So, okay~

The first half of the movie was okay. I mean, not much panicking situation. I have to say, among the zombies, 'R' (the main male character - a zombie) looks kinda nice, not bad looking. Except the part where he eats some parts of Perry's brain. That kinda gross me out.

So, the second half is where all the suspense, panicking starts. I panicked a lot.
There was a lot of
"Oh my god, oh my god"
"Run fast!"

Yeap, that's annoying hahaha. But I couldn't help it.

In the end, 'R' looks really really human and really really really nice. I wouldn't say handsome because he's not. But he looks really nice. Pleasant looking kinda guy. Especially when he smiles.

Oh my, am I fan-girling?

But anyway, I think that this story carries a really deep meaning.

There's a saying that goes like this:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. 
Most people exist, and that is all.
- Oscar Wilde

Some of us, humans, they exist but are not living. All they do is work, work, work until they die and forgot how to live.
Stressing their whole life wanting to make their life better, but they didn't know that to feel happy, to feel better depends on how they live. 

So, in the end, we are no different than a zombie. Right?
With all the stress and workloads till we forget what it feels like to enjoy ourselves. 

Get up from your chair and go enjoy yourself.
Spend time with you family and friends. Don't just stare your laptop's screen.
Try new things.
Gather experiences.
Create new memories.

What important is, everything need to be in balance.

And as for the Muslims,

Beribadahlah seakan-akan anda akan mati pada esok hari,
Bekerjalah seakan-akan anda hidup selamanya.

A short reminder, for me and you. 

Don't be a zombie and eat brains. 

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