Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Reasons Why Do I Blog

Assalamualaikum, and HI!

*connect earphones to laptop*
*go through music playlist and choose a song*

Right! Now I am ready to write.

So, recently I've been receiving a lot of comments from my fellow readers(friends haha). Both negative and positive, not to mention motivating.
So, let me write few of the comments here.

From one of my regular, Nur Fadhilah!
This is what she said
"It's fun and bravely honest. Most of your entries are about your life. Bagi Fadh, berani gila and I sense your honesty in entry about your life."

"It's fun because your entry is about your life"

"Fadh senyum gelak je baca your blog"

 I felt so happy that I almost cried and smile all the time receiving this comment. It's already enough for me that she read my blog when she has the time, but to receive such comments is overwhelming.
It motivates me to write more.

That is the positive one. Let's see the negative ones.
This one is from a guy.

"Banyakkan lagi info."
"Express more of your ideas"
"Penulisan kurangkan hesitation"

well, this is not really negative. Ini adalah komen-komen membina. Hahaha yeap.

All these comments made me think about why do I blog in the first place. So, that explains the title "Why Do I Blog."
Such a long intro, yeah, I know. hahaha.

So, I started blogging around 2009, if i'm not mistaken. Well, if you see there's no post from 2009 that is probably because I delete it. So, why did I create this blog? I created it because most of my friends, at that time, has a blog. So, I'm like 'Why not?'.

Previously, my blog was titled CONAT CONET. That came from a TV show on Astro Ria called 'Corat Coret Raya Ria' but my brother misread it (because the font was too crafty). He misread Corat Coret as Conat Conet. Man, I laughed so hard at him. Well, he was just 9 at that time. Probably failed his tulisan berangkai since he can't read it right. Hahaha.

But, this is when I realised that I like writing.


1. I Like Writing

Yes, I like writing stories. I don't have much talent in it but my brother said that I do have potentials in writing children story books (because I wrote stories and gave it to my brothers). During high school, me and my best friend, Fiza do write a lot of stuffs. I still keep all those stories we wrote during Form 3. A parody story, a story about the blue boy, Sajak Ta and so on.

I enjoy writing and I enjoy writing in my blog.

2.  Each Story Is A Memory

Each story I wrote holds a memory. Either a sad one or a happy one. There's a story behind each story. Hahaha. I tend to write things that I don't wanna forget because I am afraid that one day, if I get older, I can't recall those memories anymore. And that is saddening.

I did receive a comment saying 'Hambar' about an entry I wrote. The entry was about the moment I spent with my relatives. Well, I don't really care if they thought that was hambar. That post was not meant for them anyway. It's just a memory that I don't wanna forget. And for my relatives to read when they get older and laugh about it together.

3. Sharing is Caring

Good things need to be shared. Enough said.
There are a few post which I think is informative such as the post about Biomedical Science. That is to help the juniors in knowing more about the course (which is completely different with Medic) because the last time I wanted to do a survey about BioMedic in Malaysia, I hardly find any blogs that is helpful.
So, yeah I would like to share what infos I have, what I know because it might be helpful to the others.

And of course, I would like to share my experiences, my happiness with you guys. Because who knows, my stories might make people smile.

4. To Express My Feelings

Sometimes, when I get so excited about something, I feel like writing it in my blog.
and sometimes, when I get too sad and depressed about something, I feel like posting it in my blog too.

But I don't want to sound so depress, so I deleted that depressed post. Hahaha.
5. To Express My Opinions/ideas

Well, I don't think I wrote much about my opinions except about Malaysia's politics. Well, I will work more on that! 

So that is my 5 Reasons Why Do I Blog.

Hope you guys enjoy reading it and you guys are awesome.

Free cupcakes for you guys!


  1. Hi there! Your blog is so fascinating ,amazing and i was like.. Wow! Every words in your blog motivated me somehow. I start following your blog since i search about UPM Asper. And believe me your blog is the most useful and helpful blog i have ever read. Keep it up! And if i get the chance to study at UPM,I'll be so glad and grateful bcoz it's my dream after all. Thanks a lot for sharing your life stories especially as a uni student bcoz from there i get to know how it'll be like coz I'm gonna be a uni student too.thanks again and have a blissfull day ahead kak. ^_^

    1. Hi! Wow, your comment really touched my heart. I feel so glad that you find the information in this blog helpful and useful. It's nice to know that what I wrote could be of help to someone. AND if you do get accepted into UPM, do contact me!
      Thank you!