Monday, June 8, 2015

Malaysia's Politics?


It's 12.14 a.m and I am currently studying Biochem for the finals. Was taking a 5 minutes rest, so I scrolled my Facebook news feed and came across a picture of Tun Dr. Mahathir, by putting dialogs, trying to make him look bad.

I am not a fan of politics, but my personal opinion is that editing photos of politicians, trying to make them look bad is just stupid.
and it's even worst during the Election (PRU).

They were too busy attacking each other, that they forgot that the main objectives here is the citizens' needs. Their main job was to manage the citizens' needs and stuffs.
But all I see is that they only crave for power, and us citizens are just used as a reason for them.

And now recently, our own Minister, YB Ahmad Maslan has become a popular issue regarding the GST thingy.
In this issue, both sides are at fault.
The people for not respecting the Minister by calling him Stupid, Idiot, Bodoh and stuffs.
Honestly guys, we need to respect him a little and just express our opinions nicely.
After all, he is our Minister. Although he doesn't look like it, but I am sure he is qualified for the job, it either his doing his job right or not.

And as for the Minister, I don't think you should reply those hate comments with something even stupider.
As a Minister, you have to look after your image and reputation. Just face those comments calmly.
We don't need to know your pointer and stuffs. We just want you to prove your capability.
If you want to show what is the advantage of GST for us or how to save money due to the GST, just give a better/smarter examples and prove it to us.

Please make Malaysia a better country.
We surely don't want the people to suffer more than they already are.

That is all for now.

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