Tuesday, June 16, 2015

After A Long While, We Finally Met

It was this morning.
I had exam on Nationhood. Yeap. Finals.

And I know, he took Nationhood course too.
The exam was held in the main campus, at KAA.
I arrived early. Got around 45 minutes before exam starts. 
So, I sat in front of the exam hall. 

But my eyes couldn't help but looking at the stairs and the exam hall across.
I was looking for him. Couldn't deny that.

Saw Izzati.
So, me and Darina went to her and chit chat, hu ha hu ha.
Suddenly, Darina said "Ha... Tunggu kejap lagi ada orang lalu."

and it was him.

oh boy. Adrenaline rush. Sympathetic Nervous System activated I guess.

After exam,
we went to wait for the bus at the bus stop.
What a crowd.

And I saw him.... He was at the end of the bus stop.
And I was almost at the other end.
I thought he was looking at me, but maybe not.

So, I ignored. Continuing chit chat with friends.
Suddenly he was quite near to the place I'm standing.
I looked at him, he smiled, a little.
I smiled back.

And the bus came.

Darina said "Aku rasa dia macam nak cakap dengan kau lah. Tapi aku tarik kau."

But, it was a nice feeling.
Because we haven't met for a long time (not even once during this semester)

So, yeah. After a long while, we finally met.


  1. Uuuuu cant stop guessing who is the lucky one!

    1. Keep guessing hahaha. I don't think he thinks that he's lucky