Monday, April 13, 2015


Assalamualaikum, dunya.

I think it was about last 2 days that I saw posts on Facebook about this National Siblings Day...
It's my first time hearing about this kind of...'celebration'?


I am the eldest out of 3. A sister with 2 little brothers. Not so little. They grew up so fast.
I am 20 years old.
Angah is 17 years old.
Ayie is 15 years old.

I was 3 years old when Angah was born and 5 years old when Ayie was born. So, I was still a small kid so I have no memories of going to the hospital waiting mum to give birth to my brothers or something of that sort.

A little something about them :


Nama : Angah.

The smallest (thinnest) among siblings.
*mungkin sebab kena himpit oleh aku and Ayie*

Someone with a very high determination I would say.
Could be stubborn and hard headed (which he is all the time).

He has his soft part.

Probably the one with the most good looking face among us.
(cries) hahaha.

Interested more in histories and facts. Not that good in Maths.



Name : Ayie

Used to be small and thin but now he's TUFFFFat.

Someone with a great ambition/vision. Planning on furthering his studies to Jordan (padahal PT3 pun belum lepas lagi).

Has a soft heart. Very understanding and easy to tolerate.

My servant. Muahahaha.

He is someone reliable and caring.
Not a reader.
Fairly good in cooking.



When all of us were still a kid, we played a lot. All kind of games. Games that I created. Well, as a sister, I must always create something that can be played together. Giteww. Hahaha.

Building fort/tunnel using cushions.
Slide down the stairs using cushions.
Baling (baling bola/patung lembu yang bulat)
Tahan Gelak
Teka Lagu
Teka Cerita
Bina Negara
Rodeo (I am the bull hahaha *cries*)
Camp in the room
Hotwheel Fashion Show
 ...and many more...

There was one time, when I was around 7-8 years old... We played 'Siapa Habis Dulu Dia Kalah'.
At that time, we were drinking Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk.
So, everyone drank as slowly as they could... Macam tak minum langsung.

It's gonna take a long time and seems impossible for me to win. (Sebab susu coklat sedap)

So, I tricked them.
"Korang! Cepat *point at the clock*  Lagi 1 minit susu ni expired!"

And they fell for it and finish the milk quickly.
I laughed
"Yeay! Kakak menang."

I did that for several times and they still fell for it, though, they did look at me doubtfully at first. But still fell for it in the end. Hahaha.

That is one of the happy memory I always remember.

We used to fight a lot when we were small. but as we grow up... we still fight but very very seldom.
Probably because we don't meet each other that often anymore. So, when we are together, we will try to spend it well together.

One thing we like to do now, when we gather is...

Hahaha. Usually from 1 a.m. till 4 a.m.
If we were on a trip to somewhere, we karaoke too, in the car.

There's something that they said last time, that made me felt touched a little.

"Nasib baik kakak kita ni kakak. Kalau orang lain jadi kakak kiteorang, mesti tak best."
Something like that.

Being a Sister to both of them is one of the greatest thing ever happen in my life

Thank you, Allah.

And Happy National Siblings Day.

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