Thursday, April 30, 2015


It was a fine evening and I was at the college cafe, buying dinner.

As I was choosing which food to buy, I saw a thin and tall figure walking towards a burger stall.
The burger stall was right next to the cafe where I was.

"Is that him?" I asked myself.

I took a peek. and yes. It's him. Who else. The person who I have a crush on before. 

It's not like I still have a crush on him. Maybe just a little. Residues of previous feeling in heart. 

Then, he walked and stand right next to me.

I didn't say a word.
After a minute,

"Eh, hey Shazleen. Sorry tak perasan tadi." I guess he just realized it's me.

"Oh. Takpe. Dah biasa." 

"Eh, Janganlah cakap macamtu."

"Benda betul. Hahaha."

I took my food, said goodbye, and walked towards the table where my friends are.
Act like nothing happen...

But inside....

Hahahaha. K bye. 

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  1. newest entry kita berdua so far adalah pasal crush lama. adakah ini jodoh? kbye