Thursday, January 15, 2015


After a long while, only now i feel like updating.
So yeah, the title says it all.


It was my first time to such event because I've like just start watching and reading all these anime, manga stuffs this year. I mean 2014. I did watch a few animes like 3/4 years back but yeah, not that crazy about it.

Back to the topic.

the tickets wuhuuu
Thanks to a good friend of mine for helping me buying the tickets. I believe they call these early bird tickets. With these tickets, I don't have to queue twice. I only have to wear this and just walk in... jyeah.
How cool was that. Haha
But I gave the Day 1 ticket to my friend, because he lost his. So I went on Day 2 with Ali.

It was held at KLCC.
It sure was packed with people.
It's already started when we took an LRT at KL Sentral. Cosplayers everywhere. And I was excited to see someone wore Mad Hatter's hat and wig in the LRT that I whatsapp my girl friend.

Me : Darr, I saw Mad Hatter !!!!!
Darr : Sape tu?

Pfftt moment.

Reached KLCC... and as I step inside the hall,
"Welcome to the world of freaks. Well, not really freaks" Ali said (That's what I thought he said)

There were so many cosplayers and booths and people and cameras. I was so excited (Though I never really like crowded places but I don't mind this one).
I was already given a mission which is to buy stuffs for Darina. Useful stuffs she said like button badges or mugs and so on and of course from the anime she likes (She typed me a very long list of her favourite anime, like I actually know all of them)
So, Let's Start Searching !

and of course, we couldn't just shop without taking pictures with cosplayers or something cute.


we didn't take a lot of pictures during the first few hours we were there. 

Then, my stomach started to rumble. So we went to Suria KLCC for lunch. I don't know how long did we walk, searching for a place to eat because everywhere was like really full and packed. Especially the food court.

In the end, we only ate sandwiches. (Expensive sandwiches I would say)

So, maybe next time,
I would bring my own homemade lunch or search for other restaurants nearby KLCC.
Or maybe just bring more money to eat at fancy (kinda) restaurant. But that is not recommended.
Take that as tips from me.

After Zohor prayer, back to the hall we go.
But before that, we strolled at KLCC Park. Cosplayers everywhere. Doing photoshoot, video recording and stuffs.

Ali was in charge of taking photos since he's holding my tab.

Here are some of the pictures:

Ali's friends... Thanks for the cake !

Fairy Tail !

Slenderman spotted

A sad Ultraman spotted,

ah ! couldn't see his face.

Back into the hall we go, and more pictures!
Ali got crazy and took pictures of almost all cosplayers that he saw or in his way.
and I met Gandalf! Hahaha.

"You shall not pass !"

Ali and I kept going in and out of the hall.
Hall--- KLCC Park--- Back to the hall --- KLCC Park again --- Hall ---- Park

and of course, took more pictures

It sure was fun and exciting for a first timer like me.
I was excited that I found Lucy's key (Fairy Tail) and Ali gave me an Arcade Sona poster. Thanks -.-'
and bought some button badges.

It was a great event and a great day for me.

The end.

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