Friday, January 9, 2015

A Little Midnight Adventure

It was on the 23rd of December, 2014, I asked him out to the library. Just trying out my luck.

Yeap. him. hahaha
But, he said he's free on the next day. So, okay.

The next day, 24th of December 2014
 I was a little late (2 hours late actually) because I went to Mid Valley and I thought he won't show up. But he showed up (which is a good thing).
 I reached library around 7 p.m.

Saw him, so preoccupied with his laptop. So, I sat in front of him and read my lecture notes. 

I was actually really exhausted and can't wait to lie down on my bed.
I keep looking at my watch. Hmm 9 p.m.

"Nak balik pukul berapa?"
"Ohhh" (dalam hati meraung sebab memikirkan bas last pukul berapa)
"Nak balik awal ke?"
"Oh erm entah"

9.30 p.m. He shut down his laptop and start to pack his things.
I was like 'Yeayy'


I took my stuff from the library's pigeon hole and went to the bus stop with him.

"Nak hantar barang balik K17 dulu ke?" he asked. I was a little surprised.
"Kita nak ke mana-mana ke?"
"I heard BBW extended"
"Oh well, It extended tapi sampai 21 hb je lah. Hahaha"
"Oh ye ke. Oh erm. What about The Hobbit?"
"Oh. Serious ke ni?"

I take that as an opportunity because it has been almost 2 months we didn't see each other.
So, I called my friend to help me take my stuff back to college and send us to KTM Serdang.
Then, both of us walked to The Mines to watch The Hobbit. Midnight movie.

The movie ended around 2 a.m.
We were having hard time looking for the way out of the shopping mall and finally reach a mamak restaurant around 3 a.m.

We ate first because he was starving. I ordered IndoMee but that Mamak  restaurant doesn't have IndoMee (which is quite shocking) and gave me Indomee Mee Goreng Mamak style instead and it didn't taste nice.

we searched for a surau for solat Isyak. Both of us wanted to pray at the Mines before the movie started but the prayer room was locked. It's almost 4 a.m. and we haven't perform the Isyak prayer.
Went to KTM, but the prayer room was locked.

So in the end, we took wudhuk at the mamak's toilet and prayed at 7-Eleven. (Thanks to that akak for letting us pray in the store room hahaha). I prayed first. I heard from inside the room, that 7-E akak asked him "Adik beradik ke?" . Well, I didn't hear what he answered.

Then, it's his turn to pray. I waited.

"Ingatkan adik-beradik" that akak said.
"Oh bukanlah. hihi."
"Yelah, tengok muka macam lebih kurang je. Rupanya suami isteri"
Kalau aku tengah minum air, confirm tersembur.
"Suami isteri? Hahaha. Dia cakap apa?"
"Dia cakap suami isteri. Bukan ke?"
"Hahahahaha bukan lah"

But then, I thought maybe it's better if I just say yes.
Oh well, I just don't know how to tell a lie.

Then, we just walk tanpa arah tuju. Went to downtown, but it was closed.
In the end, we took a taxi back to KAA, UPM (kena charge RM30 and he was really pissed off). and sat in front of the lecture hall.
Chit chat. Showed him pictures and videos.

Then, we perform our Subuh prayer... 
and then went to the bus stop around 7 a.m.

He was still energetic. Keep telling stories. and then sang some songs. 
while i fell asleep a few times.

Though it's a little tiring, but it was exciting. for me. hahaha
Our first unplanned midnight adventure.

I wonder what's next.


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