Monday, December 21, 2015

One Way To Keep Me Motivated


Study week has finally arrived. 7 days to save the semester!

I really wish I could save this semester and not bring down the cgpa.
I am still wasting time and lazying around.

My carry marks are just so-so.
But my aims are so damn high. So, I know I need to work harder for the finals.

So, I need to motivate myself and remind myself of my goal which is to graduate with a First Class Degree.

One way to motivate myself is by watching:

"Hari Jubah"
by Mat Luthfi

watch it, guys :)

I just can't help but to get inspired by this video....
Because one of my dreams is to study abroad. Watching him in this video makes me think that it must be nice to study in a foreign country. We get to learn and experience different things. 

Just the thought of it makes me feel fired up.

And then, if I were to graduate, I must make sure that I feel satisfied with the cert that I received. As if my hardwork is finally paid off. 
So, I need to study harder, get the best result and be extremely happy on my Graduation Day.


"Don't wish for it. Work for it."
Lets make it happen!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Birthday Short Stories

A Birthday wish from Dad.

Me : Papa, papa tak wish May (me) birthday pun....

Papa : Oh, ya. Erm... Okay, nanti papa hantar message.

Me : Hah? Hahahahaha. Ape papa ni....

And I still haven't receive any birthday wish from him.

A Fruity Birthday Cake

Matt : Cake ni kitaorang beli dekat Lavender. Kitaorang tanya akak yang jaga kat situ, "Kak, cake apa yang sesuai dengan orang yang nama Sofea?" dan akak tu tunjuk kek buah ni.

Me : Entah betul entah tidak cerita kau ni.

Matt : Betul. Agaknya kalau kitaorang cakap kat akak tu cake untuk orang nama Peah, mungkin akak tu tunjuk kek pisang je.

Me : Kurang asam.

Queen of the day

So, I was laughing so hard at a joke.

Amir : Hey, jangan gelak macam tu boleh tak?

Me : Harini birthday aku.

Amir : Okay, okay. Gelak lah...

the you-can-do-anything-you-want day.


Met my juniors at the middle of the staircase. 3 of them. We stopped to say hi at each other and shook hands.
Me : Harini birthday akak.

Darina and Lia heard me saying that. They kinda shook their heads and laughed.

Juniors : Ye ke, kak? (they were excited and started singing Birthday song together for me, at the middle of the staircase.)

Me : Hahaha Thank you thank you...

Sure is nice to have such cheerful juniors.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Birthday Story

Assalamualaikum, sisters and brothers,

10 December 2015 was the day I officially turned 20.

"Kau baru masuk 20 tahun?"
"Mudanya kau."
"Lambatnya kau lahir."

Yeap, I get that a lot from peers of the same age.
I think the lateness of my birth kinda affect my attitude, my childishness. Hahaha.

"So, how was your birthday?"

Well, my birthday was awesome! Really, my birthday was never boring and is one annual event that I always look forward to. Celebrations, wishes, presents, cards. How can it not be awesome?

This year's birthday, like any other person's birthday, starts with wishes on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.
Though, people often says that wishes through messages or online statuses are not meaningful but I find it quite the opposite.
Yes, maybe posting wishes on a Facebook wall is effortless, doesn't cost anything but it is still meaningful for me. Because they actually took the time to wish me.
So, I took some of my time to reply all their wishes with a nice 'Thank you' to show my gratitude.

psst... My brother actually sent an audio of him singing Happy Birthday. Such a monotonous singing. Hahaha.

When I went to class, everyone wished me Happy Birthday. Which is kinda embarrassing. Hahaha.
"Hi, Birthday girl." said Matt
and I looked at him with the sweetest smile ever instead of my usual arrogant look. And they all laughed.

Then, I received a Birthday card from Kamelia. A birthday card that she chose in front of me on the day she bought it. Hahaha.

And then, there's a two hours gap between classes. I headed back to my room, to take a short nap. But before I could shut my eyes, Miu called me.

"Ha, Peah. Jom turun makan. Makan kek."
"Oh, okay."

I didn't expect to get a birthday cake. Plus, it is a cake from the most unexpected people, Matt and Miu. Thanks, guys.

Peah, Darina and Miu's territory

Thank You, Matt.

Dahlah makan kek setengah jam sebelum kuiz pada waktu tengahari di pondok blok. 
Junior yang lalu pun kitaorang pelawa makan kek. Hahaha.

Matt "Okay, jom kita nyanyi Happy Birthday kuat-kuat."
Me "Heish! Janganlah. Malu aku. Hahaha."

I received a present from Darina at the end of the day. It's a Handbag!
I did mention about buying a bag. Now that I already got one from Darina, well, jimat duit. Hahaha

That is pretty much it.

I would like to say thanks to everyone that wished me, to those who took the trouble to buy me present, cards and cake.

Thank you guys so much.
I really, really appreciate it.

Thank you too to mum and dad, for raising up a daughter like me for 20 years.
I won't promise to be a good child, because I might not be able to fulfill it, but I will try my hardest to be one.

That is all from me, for now.
Love, Peah. 


Monday, December 7, 2015

Khusyuk dalam Solat

Pada suatu malam, aku dan Izzati berjalan-jalan di IOI City Mall.
Mencari purse-nya yang hilang.

Izzati "Tadi time solat Maghrib, aku dengar je apa yang kau and Darina cakap."

Aku "Of course lah. Aku pun boleh dengar orang cakap."

Izzati "Kalau betul-betul khusyuk, kita tak dengar orang cakap."

Aku "Aku belum sampa tahap tu lagi. Hehehe."

Izzati "Kau pernah tak baca novel sampai tak dengar apa orang cakap?"

Aku "Pernah."

Izzati "Macam tulah kita kena aplikasikan dalam solat. Khusyuk tu."

Aku terdiam. Speechless. 

Aku "Erm. Okay. Sentap."


Friday, December 4, 2015

The Search of the Lost Purse

2 Dec 2015

It's the month of December. I called it month of celebration. Because my birthday is on December. I'm celebrating it for a month.
It's 2nd of December. About a week more before my birthday.
The plan is to eat at Seoul Garden on 4th of December, together with my friends. But a few of my friends can't make it. So, it's just me, Izzati and Darina.

We went to Seoul Garden, IOI City Mall after Asar prayer. Really hope that we can stuff more food, but our stomach capacity on that day was really small. Though, it does bring back the memories during our foundation days, when we eat steamboat together with classmates. Ahh~ good times.

After done with eating and shopping, we head back to college around 7.20 p.m. by taxi.

When we reached our room, Izzati checked her bag and just realized that her purse wasn't in the bag.
Me and Darina was like "Huh? You can't be serious. Have you check all parts of your bag?"

But, both of us didn't go panic.

Izzati "Macam mana ni?"
Me "Kita pergi tengok tempat yang kita jalan tadi, sebab takut tercicir kat jalan ke apa. Kalau takda, kita pergi balik dekat IOI. Cari pakcik teksi tadi."

Izzati "So, sekarang kita solat Maghrib dulu ke macam mana?"
Me "Kita solat Maghrib dulu."

Luckily Izzati has a motorcycle. I whatsapp-ed Amir to borrow his helmet since Izzati only has one helmet.

After Maghrib prayer, both of us started searching for Izzati's purse.


I went to search for the purse at sidewalks that we walked on our way to our house, while Izzati go get her motorcycle. But there's no sight of her purse anywhere.

Izzati "Aku pasti purse aku tercicir dalam taxi, sebab aku ada bukak bag aku time dalam taxi tadi."

So, I get on her motorcycle, and to IOI City Mall we go.

"Hati-hati tau Izzati. Jalan sini gelap." Honestly, I felt a little bit scared about riding motorcycle because of all the news I've heard. But at the same time, I was also thrilled. Hahaha.

We went straight to IOI's entrance where there is a taxi waiting area. There is a long queue of taxis, waiting for customers. But there's no sign of the taxi that we rode earlier, a blue KIA.

We saw three taxi drivers were sitting on a bench, chatting. We parked in front of them.

Izzati "Pakcik, nak tanya sikit boleh?"
Pakcik "Boleh, boleh. Tanya je."
Me "Pakcik tahu tak siapa yang bawak teksi Kia biru? Purse kawan saya mungkin tercicir dalam kereta dia"
Pakcik "Ramai, dik, yang bawak teksi Kia biru. Ingat Plat No. tak?"
Me "Alamak. Tak lah pulak Tapi dalam kereta dia ada bendera Sabah."
Pakcik "Sabah ye? Ha, Joe kot."
Izzati "Driver tu ada bawak sling bag."
Pakcik "Rasanya betul lah Joe. Dia je yang bawak sling bag. Haa, Tu Ajak."

The taxi driver called the person called 'Ajak'

Pakcik "Dia ni kawan Joe. Mungkin boleh mintak nombor telefon Joe tu. Driver tu gemuk-gemuk kan?"
Me "Eh, tak. Kurus."
Pakcik "Eh, kurus? Bukan Joe lah kot."

And then, the other taxi driver called 'Ajak' approached us. Lets call him Pakcik 2.
Pakcik explained to Pakcik 2 what's happening and stuffs.

Pakcik 2 "Oh, pukul 7 tadi ye, dik? Mungkin pakcik ni kot (name of other taxi driver). Saya cuba call dia."
So, Pakcik 2 called Pakcik 3. But it turned out we got the wrong taxi driver. It wasn't Pakcik 3.

Then, suddenly a security guard approached us and asked Izzati to park her motorcycle somewhere else because that area isn't a place for motorcycle.
So, as Izzati went to park her motorcycle, I continued talking with Pakcik 2.

Me "Pakcik kenal sesiapa lagi tak? Dia kurus-kurus."
Pakcik 2 "Hmm.. Muka dia panjang ye?"
Me "Haah, muka dia panjang."
Pakcik 2 "Oh! Yang sakit satu tangan tu ye?"
Me "Eh, taktahu pulak saya."
Pakcik 2 "Dia drive guna satu tangan je kan?"
Me "Haa Haah Haah. Betul. Dia drive guna satu tangan je."

Luckily, I did noticed that he drives using only one hand.

Pakcik 2 "Tapi saya takda nombor dia pulak. Jap saya call kawan saya. Mungkin dia ada nombor pakcik tu."

Pakcik 2 called Pakcik 3, and Izzati just came to us after parking her motor.

Pakcik 2 "Kawan saya ada nombor dia. Nanti dia whatsapp saya. Bagi nombor adik. Nanti saya bagi nombor dia."

So we exchanged phone numbers with Pakcik 2, and then entered IOI, to continue our search mission in the mall. Just in case the purse was misplaced somewhere else.

We went to search at Watson and Seoul Garden, although Izzati was sure that she still had her purse when we were at those places. But still, it's better to check again. We asked the guards, and cashier. But they didn't see her purse anywhere.

At last, we just sit and wait at a bench outside. I went to buy a mineral water and some chocolate at a convenience store, just in case Izzati wants some, and then excuse myself to the washroom. Nature calls.

When I was done with my business in the toilet, I head back to the bench where Izzati was waiting, and I spotted the Blue KIA taxi.
I got all excited and ran towards Izzati.
I was just about to say that the blue KIA is there.
Izzati "Aku dah dapat balik dah purse aku."

I was disappointed. Haha.

Izzati "Kesian kau. Hahaha mesti kau nak ada dalam situasi tu kan? Tapi aku dah jumpa dulu."


Izzati was trying to reach her mom a few times, but it seems that her mom is busy and called her dad instead. Her dad sounded calm, which is better than what she expected. As she just started to tell her current situation, there's an incoming call from Pakcik 2.

Izzati put her dad on hold and answered Pakcik 2's call. Pakcik 2 already got the number of our taxi driver, Pakcik 4. Izzati called Pakcik 4, and Pakcik 4 said that he currently has passengers and haven't check the backseat.

So, Izzati waited and finally his car arrived at the entrance.

Izzati checked the backseat, her side of the seat. But there's no sign of her purse.

Pakcik 4 "Mungkin ada di depan kot."
Izzati "Tapi saya duduk belakang. Kawan saya duduk depan. Tak mungkin lah kat depan."

But Izzati went to the front seats anyway.

Pakcik 4 "Yang ini ka?" and that pakcik was holding a purple purse in his hands.

"Terima kasih pakcik. Terima kasih sangat-sangat." Izzati said, almost like crying, like an artist receiving an award.

"Susah nak jumpa orang jujur zaman sekarang ni, dik. Awak bernasib baik tau." said a security guard that was with Izzati at that time.

Syukur, Alhamdulillah. Happy Ending.

Tips when facing this kinda of situation:

1. Do not get panic.
2. Think for solutions. There's always solution for everything.
3. Pray for the best.

Thanks for reading! See you guys again next time. Assalamualaikum.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Wife Earning More than Husband, Yay or Nay?

And Hi.

So, today, during Thinking Skills class (yes, we need to take Thinking Skills class), there's presentation and one group presented about Sexism.
Sexism is defined as a prejudice or discrimination based on one's sex or gender.
Judgment based on sex.

So they suggested what should we do to overcome this issue.
We should not judge the matter based on sex, when sex doesn't matter.

And they showed a video of a fighting couple.
First, they were fighting and the man pushed the woman hard against the wall and being kinda abusive and stuffs.
And the people around start to approach and said "Hey, stop or I will call the police."

Second, the situation changes. This time it's the woman being abusive, with pushing and slapping and stuff. But the people around just ignored them, and laughed away.

So, one of my classmates asked during the Q and A session,
"What will you do if you came across the second situation?"

FYI, they are a group of 5, all males.

Member #1 : "Since we are all guy, of course we will support that man."

Well, that is sexism. Hahaha. The irony. They suggested the ways of overcoming sexism but being sexism themselves.
If you come across this kind of situation, you should hear story from both sides and not judge straight away based on sex. Don't support just because that person is of the same gender.

Lecturer: "I want each of you guys to answer my question, frankly. What if your wife earns more than you, would you mind?"

Member #1 : No
Member #2 : No
Member #3 : Urm, I will have to think about it first.
Member #4 : I need to think first.
Member #5 : I don't care

This is the main purpose of me writing this. Haha, quite a long intro huh.

What if your wife earns more than you?
What if your husband earns lesser than you?

I've asked a few of my friends (just two), majority of them said that they don't really mind if their husbands earn lesser compared to them.
If you ask me, I don't really mind either.

The problem is the world that we live in. It is set in the mentality of the society that the husband should earn more than the wife. How did they come to such mentality?
I've been wondering too, why the husband should earn more than wife?

Is it the matter of responsibility? Or pride?

I think that, it is actually because of the influence of the surrounding people (Family, friends, relatives etc.)
For example, the parents of the wife. Of course, they want someone who can take care of their daughter. They want the best for their daughter and do not want her to ever suffer. And they will start to compare the husband with their sons or son-in-laws.
Some parents take this matter seriously, of course.
I mean, it's not their fault. All parents want the best for their children. But I don't think to put pressure on the husband is the best solution. I think it will only lead to much bigger problems/fights.

Unlike my parents, they said if the guy is good, nice and kind, that is enough. Jyeah...

And then the relatives would probably bad-mouthing the husband...
Friends of the wife would probably say "You deserve better." or something of that sort.

I personally think that this whole thing of who earns more shouldn't be an issue.
Even in Islam, there's no saying that the husband should earn more than the wife.
But it is said that the husband cannot take his wife's money, however, if the husband is in need of help financially, the wife can help.

It is all a matter of understanding, acceptance and stuffs.
And don't let others influenced you.

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” 
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

That is all from me, for now.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2 October 2015

2 October 2015

Is the date that I will never forget. In Shaa Allah.

Who would have known that it would be the day that someone I know leave the world forever.
Leaving family and friends that love him so much.

It was around 6.40 a.m. (Subuh period), my mum called.
"May, Syahmi dah meninggal dunia."

I was like 'HAAA?' and went speechless.
It's hard to believe and accept the fact that he is no longer here with us.
Someone who used to be real close to me, although it was a long time ago, trust me, it isn't easy for me either.

Because he is still so young.
A year younger than me.
Which makes me realized that Allah can take our lives anytime.


Hey Syahmi, I know it's pretty useless because you can't read it anyway, but I still wanna write this. Do you remember that we used to ask each other what would you do/feel if one of us passed away? Now, I know how it felt like but I couldn't tell you, it's impossible, since you are not here anymore.

It has been 2 years since we last spoken.
I just wanna say that I'm sorry for everything that I've done or say. I know I was pretty mean to you. But, I couldn't help it. (Because I get annoyed easily, I'm sorry). But despite that, we do have some pretty good memories together.

You are a nice guy, you know? You still treat me nicely even though I did not treat you the same. Some patience you got there, bruh.
I still remember the times you made me laugh... Hahaha. Good times. It's true, I guess, to make a girl fall for you is to make her laugh.
I was always impressed by your drawings. I did not know you were that good. I never wanna admit it before, but I will say it now... You are talented. But of course, you can't read this.

Thank you for all those good times. I believe your presence in my life have taught me valuable lessons.
And I'm sorry, although you probably already forgave me, but still, I'm sorry.

That is all I wanna say.

"Semoga kau ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman"

Syahmi Ayadi (1996-2015)

To others, 
Please take a real good care of yourself. 
Please tell your parents if you are going somewhere.
Imagine you as a parent, you don't even know where did your child go, and suddenly they are already gone. How would you feel?

So please. Informing you parents wouldn't hurt... and if they did not allow you to go, it's for your own good. 
And take a really good, good care of yourself.
Be good to others.

That is all from me.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The 'Solat' Runner

- rekaan semata-mata-

Hari ini adalah hari cuti yang paling tidak seperti cuti. Assignment berlambak yang perlu disiapkan.

"Ah. Aku rasa macam nak keluar." aku bermonolog.

Dan tidak lama kemudian, aku mendapat mesej melalui Whatsapp.

Lepas asar, dalam pukul 5 petang, kami berdua sudah tiba di IOI City Mall. Memandangkan kawanku, Shafa (bukan nama sebenar) telah book tiket wayang, kami pun berjalan-jalan. Kaum perempuan memanggilnya 'Window Shopping'.

"Pukul berapa movie?" aku bertanya pada Shafa.
"Pukul 6 petang." 

Aku memandang jam, sambil kira-kira dalam kepala, agak-agak pukul berapa wayang tamat.

"Dalam 7.30 lebih lah rasanya wayang habis." Shafa seperti dapat membaca fikiranku.

Tetapi aku berasa gelisah. 'Sempatkah untuk solat Maghrib nanti?'
Tetapi aku cuba menenangkan hatiku dengan mengatakan InshaAllah sempat.

Sudah pukul 6 petang, kami pun masuk ke panggung wayang. 


7.50 p.m.

'Alamak, sempat ke ni? Isyak pukul 8.23 malam.' 

Wayang baru sahaja tamat. Dan aku terus bergegas keluar dari panggung wayang, hendak ke surau yang terletak agak jauh.

Shafa mengikuti aku dari belakang.

Tiba sahaja di surau, MashaAllah, ramai sungguh. Di ruang solat sudah penuh, di ruang wuduk juga penuh.
Aku memandang Shafa.

"Isyak 8.23 p.m. weh. Aku rasa tak sempat. Kau tengok jelah tempat wuduk."
Shafa pun kelihatan buntu.
Dalam fikiranku, aku mahu sahaja memberi cadangan untuk qadha solat Maghrib di rumah sahaja, tetapi bila aku fikirkan semula, patutkah aku meninggalkan solat? 
Kerana aku pergi situ untuk berhiburan. Patutkah aku tinggalkan solat kerana hiburan? Astaghfirullah.

"Jom kita pergi ambik wuduk kat tandas." Shafa memberi cadangan. Akhirnya, ada secebis harapan.

Lalu kami pergi ke tandas di tingkat bawah kerana tandas berdekatan dengan surau sesak dengan manusia. 
Kami berjalan laju, mengejar masa. Aku melihat jam. Pukul 8.01 p.m. 22 minit lagi.

Tiba sahaja di tandas, kami terus mengambil wuduk dengan melakukan yang wajib sahaja.

Selesai mengambil wuduk, kami bergegas kembali ke surau. Bersesak-sesak mencari tempat untuk solat. Memang agak tergesa-gesa.

Sepanjang aku solat itu, aku berasa tidak tenang. Aku berasa sangat-sangat bersalah.
'Ampunilah hamba-Mu ini, ya Allah. Ampunilah diriku.'

Selesai sahaja aku solat Maghrib, terus kedengaran azan Isyak. 
Lega? Memang lega kerana sempat, tetapi hatiku tidak tenang.

Aku berkata pada diriku,
'Aku tidak mahu lagi menjadi Solat Runner.'

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Warm Bodies


It's currently 2 am, and I've just finish watching a movie titled "Warm Bodies".
Yeah, I know that this movie was released like a few years back, but I wasn't really into zombie movies, so yeah....

I took this movie from a friend of mine, like 5 months ago, and I've just watch it now.
Yeah, I was really busy before, but the truth is, I was just scared. There, I admit it.

I can't tolerate much with horror movie. I get panic, frightened, scared, excited real easy. Like extremely easy.

Although people said that 'Warm Bodies' is not a horror movie. More like a romance, a little comedy movie. But still, I don't have the guts to watch because it has zombies in it.

Why did I decided to watch it today? Because of my brother. He wanted to watch a movie, and he chose Warm Bodies. He said he didn't watch the ending before. So, okay~

The first half of the movie was okay. I mean, not much panicking situation. I have to say, among the zombies, 'R' (the main male character - a zombie) looks kinda nice, not bad looking. Except the part where he eats some parts of Perry's brain. That kinda gross me out.

So, the second half is where all the suspense, panicking starts. I panicked a lot.
There was a lot of
"Oh my god, oh my god"
"Run fast!"

Yeap, that's annoying hahaha. But I couldn't help it.

In the end, 'R' looks really really human and really really really nice. I wouldn't say handsome because he's not. But he looks really nice. Pleasant looking kinda guy. Especially when he smiles.

Oh my, am I fan-girling?

But anyway, I think that this story carries a really deep meaning.

There's a saying that goes like this:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. 
Most people exist, and that is all.
- Oscar Wilde

Some of us, humans, they exist but are not living. All they do is work, work, work until they die and forgot how to live.
Stressing their whole life wanting to make their life better, but they didn't know that to feel happy, to feel better depends on how they live. 

So, in the end, we are no different than a zombie. Right?
With all the stress and workloads till we forget what it feels like to enjoy ourselves. 

Get up from your chair and go enjoy yourself.
Spend time with you family and friends. Don't just stare your laptop's screen.
Try new things.
Gather experiences.
Create new memories.

What important is, everything need to be in balance.

And as for the Muslims,

Beribadahlah seakan-akan anda akan mati pada esok hari,
Bekerjalah seakan-akan anda hidup selamanya.

A short reminder, for me and you. 

Don't be a zombie and eat brains. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

SAKA - Ada Yang Menjaga


Pada beberapa bulan yang lalu, Angah (adikku) ada bertanya pada aku,

"Kakak pernah nampak hantu tak?"

"Tak. Tak pernah."

"Ayie lak, pernah tak?"
*Ayie adik bongsu

"Tak. Ayie pun tak pernah."

"Tu lah, Angah rasa pelik. Orang lain kalau stay up, mesti nampak macam-macam. Tapi Angah stay up, Angah tak pernah kena pun."

"Oh, Samalah dengan Kakak. Time dekat K13 dulu, selalu dengar cerita-cerita kawan, diorang nampak and kena kacau."

"Tu lah, Ayie pun pelik. Ayie pun selalu stay up, tapi tak pernah kena atau jumpa pape."

"Angah rasalah, ada benda yang menjaga kita. Kakak rasa?"


Bagi aku, tidak hairan kalau ada benda yang menjaga kami kerana orang-orang Melayu dahulu adalah jenis yang memelihara benda-benda ghaib, seperti saka. Tidak hairan juga kalau keluarga aku ada.

Jadi, semalam aku bertanya pada mak aku.

"Mi, haritu Angah ada tanya something dekat May."
lalu aku mencerita semula perbualan kami yang beberapa bulan yang lepas tu.

"Oh. Haritu Aunty Faridah pun ada tanya mami. Mami pernah kena ragut ke, rompak ke, accident ke atau apa-apa yang sewaktu dengannya lah. Mami kata tak pernah, kalau accident pun, langgar bumper kereta sikit je. Aunty Faridah kata 'Haaa, tengok, mesti ada benda. Tak hairan punya tau, orang melayu dulu-dulu"


"Tapi haritu, Mami tanyalah Atuk. 'Mak, ada benda yang menjaga keluarga kita ke?"

Atuk aku pun cakap "Ah, ada je yang menjaga kita. Yang Maha Besar tu."

Aku terdiam.
Betul juga...

Perlindungan mana lagi yang sehebat Perlindungan dari Allah S.W.T

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Reasons Why Do I Blog

Assalamualaikum, and HI!

*connect earphones to laptop*
*go through music playlist and choose a song*

Right! Now I am ready to write.

So, recently I've been receiving a lot of comments from my fellow readers(friends haha). Both negative and positive, not to mention motivating.
So, let me write few of the comments here.

From one of my regular, Nur Fadhilah!
This is what she said
"It's fun and bravely honest. Most of your entries are about your life. Bagi Fadh, berani gila and I sense your honesty in entry about your life."

"It's fun because your entry is about your life"

"Fadh senyum gelak je baca your blog"

 I felt so happy that I almost cried and smile all the time receiving this comment. It's already enough for me that she read my blog when she has the time, but to receive such comments is overwhelming.
It motivates me to write more.

That is the positive one. Let's see the negative ones.
This one is from a guy.

"Banyakkan lagi info."
"Express more of your ideas"
"Penulisan kurangkan hesitation"

well, this is not really negative. Ini adalah komen-komen membina. Hahaha yeap.

All these comments made me think about why do I blog in the first place. So, that explains the title "Why Do I Blog."
Such a long intro, yeah, I know. hahaha.

So, I started blogging around 2009, if i'm not mistaken. Well, if you see there's no post from 2009 that is probably because I delete it. So, why did I create this blog? I created it because most of my friends, at that time, has a blog. So, I'm like 'Why not?'.

Previously, my blog was titled CONAT CONET. That came from a TV show on Astro Ria called 'Corat Coret Raya Ria' but my brother misread it (because the font was too crafty). He misread Corat Coret as Conat Conet. Man, I laughed so hard at him. Well, he was just 9 at that time. Probably failed his tulisan berangkai since he can't read it right. Hahaha.

But, this is when I realised that I like writing.


1. I Like Writing

Yes, I like writing stories. I don't have much talent in it but my brother said that I do have potentials in writing children story books (because I wrote stories and gave it to my brothers). During high school, me and my best friend, Fiza do write a lot of stuffs. I still keep all those stories we wrote during Form 3. A parody story, a story about the blue boy, Sajak Ta and so on.

I enjoy writing and I enjoy writing in my blog.

2.  Each Story Is A Memory

Each story I wrote holds a memory. Either a sad one or a happy one. There's a story behind each story. Hahaha. I tend to write things that I don't wanna forget because I am afraid that one day, if I get older, I can't recall those memories anymore. And that is saddening.

I did receive a comment saying 'Hambar' about an entry I wrote. The entry was about the moment I spent with my relatives. Well, I don't really care if they thought that was hambar. That post was not meant for them anyway. It's just a memory that I don't wanna forget. And for my relatives to read when they get older and laugh about it together.

3. Sharing is Caring

Good things need to be shared. Enough said.
There are a few post which I think is informative such as the post about Biomedical Science. That is to help the juniors in knowing more about the course (which is completely different with Medic) because the last time I wanted to do a survey about BioMedic in Malaysia, I hardly find any blogs that is helpful.
So, yeah I would like to share what infos I have, what I know because it might be helpful to the others.

And of course, I would like to share my experiences, my happiness with you guys. Because who knows, my stories might make people smile.

4. To Express My Feelings

Sometimes, when I get so excited about something, I feel like writing it in my blog.
and sometimes, when I get too sad and depressed about something, I feel like posting it in my blog too.

But I don't want to sound so depress, so I deleted that depressed post. Hahaha.
5. To Express My Opinions/ideas

Well, I don't think I wrote much about my opinions except about Malaysia's politics. Well, I will work more on that! 

So that is my 5 Reasons Why Do I Blog.

Hope you guys enjoy reading it and you guys are awesome.

Free cupcakes for you guys!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Koleksi Kisah Pendek di Kampung

Di sini, aku ingin berkongsi cerita-cerita pendek aku ketika berada di kampung.

Semoga dapat menghiburkan hari anda.

Sebenarnya nak bagi aku dan sedara-mara baca je bila dah tua nanti. Hiburan di hari tua.
Bayangkan aku time dah nenek nanti... masih lagi memblogging. Haha.

1. Angah dan Pokok Cili

Achik (Makcik ku) suruh Angah petik beberapa biji cili dari pokok cili.
"Ngah, pergi kat luar tu, petik cili sikit. Kat situ."

Angah pun keluar. Tak lama kemudian,

"Achik, yang ni ke?" tanya Angah, dari luar pintu.

"Ya Allah, Angah! Tu pokok serai. Ni haa pokok cili. Hahaha."
Tiba-tiba, pakcik menyampuk "Nak kata orang bandar tak makan cili, tak jugak."

2. Adik dan Esah Kedai Burger

Adik ni adik saudara aku. Afif namanya. Tapi satu keluarga panggil dia Adik. Maklumlah, dia lah paling bongsu dan paling kecik. Umur 7 tahun.

Amin selalu ejek dia yang Esah, anak Tauke Kedai Burger rasanya, mengorat dia.

Adik: Takkkk. Mana ada dia ngorat Adik. Dia nak kawan je.
Amin: Mana adik tahu? Adik tanya dia ke? Haaaaa, adik tanya dia.

Achik: Adik tanya apa kat dia?
Adik : Adik tanyalah dia, kat sekolah, 'Kenapa awok ngorat koi?'. Esah tu kata dia nak kawan je.

Padahal orang bergurau je, dia pergi tanya direct kat Esah.

3. Afiq (9 tahun)

Bukak channel Disney.

"Kakak, ape ni kartun Kikinit?"
"Hahahahaha. Kickin' It lah, Apiq"

4. Mandi Di Rumah Jiran

Aku terpaksa mandi di rumah Wan Teh, jiran nenek sebab ketiadaan air di rumah nenek. Nasib baik lah Wan Teh balik ke Kelantan, so rumah dia kosong.

Satu malam tu, aku nak mandi. Aku pun ajaklah Afiq, mintak dia teman aku mandi. Mula-mula dia taknak, so aku pun cakaplah "Kakak bagi Afiq main tab kakak. Nak?"

Barulah dia nak mengikut.

Tiba di rumah tu, aku taruk lah tab di tangga yang berhampiran dengan tandas.
"Fiq, Tab kakak ada kat tangga" lalu aku pun memasuki tandas.

Tiba-tiba, terdengar bunyi *tok tok tok*.
Aku terpegun. 'Takkanlah ada orang datang rumah ni pulak' 
Rupa-rupanya, Afiq yang ketuk baldi, bunyi macam orang ketuk pintu.


Time aku mandi, Afiq dan Adik cuba nak kenakan aku dengan mengetuk2 baldi and buat macam ada orang datang rumah.
I won't fall for that, kiddo. (Although, I did almost believe it)

Lepastu, kedengaran diorang main game tab aku.

Selesai mandi, aku mencari seluar pendek adik aku. Kata mak, seluar pendek adik tertinggal dalam tandas tu. Punyalah aku mencari, tapi tak jumpa.

Aku : Afiq, Angah ada tertinggal 'short' ke?
Afiq: Ada ke?
Adik: Adik ada dengar Mami cakap Angah tertinggal 'short'
Aku : Tapi kakak tak jumpa pun.

Diorang pun masuk ke dalam tandas, tolong mencari 'short' Angah.

Adik : Bestnya tandas ni, kak.
Aku  : Afiq kata tandas ni macam stor, dik.

Afiq tersengih-sengih

"Tak jumpalah, kak, 'short' Angah" kata Afiq.

"Short, do, 'ain"

"Haha, orang sod, dia short."

Macam-macam diorang ni.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Misi Biskut Raya 2015

Sudah masuk bulan Syawal dah kita, dan aku baru nak post tentang biskut raya.
Yelah, sebelum ni internet kena potong, ni pun guna WiFi kedai dobi. Hahaha

Tahun ni, mak decide nak buat kuih raya. At least 3 jenis kuih. Yang wajib adalah Semperit.
Time kecik-kecik dulu rasanya setiap tahun jugak lah buat kuih, tapi lepas tu macam lama jugaklah tak buat. Tak pasti kenapa.

Sebab kaya dah kot. Beli kuih supermarket yang mahal.

Memandangkan aku seorang je anak mak yang ada kat rumah, akulah yang kena menolongnya.
Tapi memang kerja anak dara menolong mak.

So, right. Kerja aku senang je. 3S


1) Sapu

Sapu butter pada tray kuih supaya kuih tak melekat pada tray ketika dan selepas membakar.
Ambik Butter sikit 

Sapu pada tray
2) Susun

Susun kuih sebelum dan selepas membakar. Hahaha.

3) Shaping 
Shaping ni maksudnya membentuk kuih raya tu. Aku tak tahulah shaping tu perkataan yang betul ke, aku saja guna sebab nak buat 3S tu.
I chose 4 leaf clover

Lawa right. I know
Kuih yang pertama adalah kuih SEMPERIT.
Perit jugaklah nak membuatnya.

Mak aku menggunakan sebuah mesin mixer ni yang dia dah beli dalam 4-5 tahun yang lepas dan baru guna 3 kali untuk membuat doh kuih dan juga bentuk dia.

Masuk tepung dekat sini...
Tekan butang 'Start'
Nanti dia pusing-pusing, mixkan tepung-tepung tu.

Lepas tu kita boleh keluarkan dia.
*Squirk squirk*  sound effect tambahan sendiri.

Dia ada banyak jugak 'mould'. Yknow, bentuk bentuk.

Beginilah lebih kurang kalau nak buat Semperit.
Dia keluar pepanjang gitu, lepas tu potong lah.

Senang je. 
Tapi senang-senang pun, aku buat tetap hodoh.

Then , taburlah chocolate rice ke colorful grain ke cherry ke...
Ikut suka.
Aku taruk chocolate rice sebab aku suka chocolate.

Lepastu, Bakar!

Lebih kurang macam ni lah hasilnya. 
Tapi mak aku tak puas hati dengan outcome dia, so dia buat lagi tapi bentuk tradisional.

Itu kuih semperit.
Next, adalah Biskut Arab (tang mana tah Arab dia) dan Biskut Resipi Checkerboard tapi bentuk bunga.

Biskuit Arab

Tu dia Biskut Checkerboard bentuk bunga

Sedap belaka kuih ni hahaha.
Separuh bawak balik kampung, separuh buat simpan kat rumah.
Lebih jimat kosnya jika dibandingkan dengan membeli di supermarket.

Maklumlah, musim-musim GST ni.

"Wah, cantiknya" kata Mak bila bukak bekas Marjerin Buttercup

Selamat Hari Raya pada anda semua!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kisah Pemuda dan RM15,000

Ayahku seorang Ejen Hartanah. Apakah kerja seorang Ejen Hartanah? Berdasarkan apa yang aku perhatikan, seorang Ejen Hartanah menyewakan atau menjual sebuah premis sama ada kedai ataupun rumah. Termasuk tanah dan bangunan juga.

Oh well,

Harta +Tanah = Hartanah.

Tapi ayah aku tak masuk bahagian tanah.

Selama lebih kurang 10 tahun ayahku bekerja sebagai Ejen Hartanah, sudah macam-macam cerita yang aku dengar daripadanya. Kerenah pembeli, penyewa dan tuan rumah. Majoriti ‘customer’ ayah ada orang Melayu dan Cina. Ayah pernah berkata bahawa berurusan dengan orang Melayu lebih mudah. Mungkin kerana mereka tidak banyak songeh(kerenah).
*Ayah aku orang Cina.

Tapi bukan itu yang aku nak ceritakan.

Satu daripada kisah yang pernah ayah aku ceritakan dan masih melekat dalam kepala otak aku.
Kisahnya tentang seorang pemuda yang ingin menyewa kedai melalui ayahku. Ya, itulah kerja seorang Ejen Hartanah. Sebagai pengantara antara Pembeli/Penyewa dan Tuan Rumah/Kedai. Dan Tuan Rumah akan memberi komisen kepada ejen hartanah yang menguruskan proses pembelian atau penyewaan itu.

Ayah telah membawa pemuda itu untuk melihat kedai tersebut dan berjumpa dengan tuan kedai tersebut. Kedua-dua pihak telah bersetuju.
Jika mengikut kontrak, penyewa akan diberi sebulan (bergantung kepada owner) percuma untuk renovate kedai.

Pemuda itu pun mulakan renovation kedai.


Pada suatu hari, owner berkata dia tidak jadi hendak sewakan kedai tersebut kepada pemuda itu sedangkan renovation sedang dijalankan. Pemuda itu telah belanjakan RM15,000 untuk renovation tersebut.

Ayah terpaksa menyampaikan berita kurang gembira tersebut kepada pemuda itu.

“Oh, ye ke? Takpe lah. Takda rezeki.”

Ayahku agak terkejut dengan respon pemuda itu. Begitu tenang dia menerima berita tersebut.

Kebetulan azan berkumandang, pemuda itu mengajak ayah ke masjid yang berhampiran.
Selepas solat, pemuda itu menceritakan kisah lampaunya, di mana dahulu dia merupakan seorang Mat Rempit. Dan tahu-tahu sajalah bagaimana kehidupan seorang mat rempit. Dan bagaimana sekarang dia sudah insaf.

Kisahnya biasa sahaja, tapi kisahnya membuatkan aku berfikir.

Aku pernah baca sesuatu yang ditulis oleh Bahruddin Bekri (tidak ingat sama ada status FB-nya atau di dalam bukunya). Dia mengatakan bahawa kadang-kadang manusia yang dahulunya jahat, jika mereka insaf, mereka lebih ikhlas dalam ibadah mereka, mereka lebih berusaha dalam memahami Islam daripada mereka yang dikatakan baik, tidak pernah melakukan kesalahan dan tidak pernah meninggalkan solat.

Bagi aku, betul juga apa yang diperkatakan.

Sebagai seorang pendosa, yang pernah melakukan dosa yang baginya besar, pastinya lebih tahu tentang erti kesal dan insaf. Pasti merasakan dirinya itu sangat kotor dan jijik. Dan merasakan seolah-olah Allah tidak akan mengampuni mereka dan tinggal masa yang singkat sahaja untuk bertaubat.

Mungkin kerana itulah, mereka lebih ikhlas dan lebih berusaha untuk mencari dan memahami Islam.

Fikir-fikirkan lah.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Pertukaran Kursus ke Kursus Doktor Perubatan


Sebelum ini ada yang bertanya tentang pertukaran kursus ke Bidang Doktor Perubatan dalam entri yang sebelum ini, Biomedical Science, UPM

Maknanya, daripada kursus lain seperti Sains Bioperubatan, Nutrition atau apa-apa sahaja kursus, hendak tukar kepada kursus Doktor Perubatan.

Saya baru sahaja melayari web Sistem Maklumat Pelajar (SMP) UPM, dan pihak UPM telah mengeluarkan syarat-syarat penukaran kursus, and guess what....


so, there is your answer.

Kalau korang daripada course lain and masih lagi berminat nak menjadi doctor. You have to graduate from your course first and then apply for Bachelor of Medicine. Which means, Degree all over again.

So, kalau masih minat pada bidang kedoktoran tapi takda rezeki sekarang...
You can either go to private colleges or you wait...

Anyway, Goodluck !

Thursday, July 2, 2015

An Easy Peasy Spaghetti Bolognese


So, today I cooked Spaghetti Bolognese for Ifthar.
My version of Spaghetti Bolognese is very simple and easy to prepare. (Learned it from mum)
Just need a few ingredients.

So, the ingredients are

1 Pack of Spaghetti (I usually use San Remo)
1 Pack of Minced Meat
1 Bottle of Spaghetti Sauce (In this case, I used Prego Mushroom Sauce)
Cheese (I used a pack of Chesdale, but any kind of cheese will do like Mozzarella, Parmesan etc)
3 Tablespoon of Butter/Margerine
4 Teaspoon of salt
1 Teaspoon of Sugar
Tomato Puree (if needed)
Water huhu

For the spaghetti, I usually use San Remo. But any brand will do. You can also use Angel Hair, Fettuccine or Linguine.

As for the sauce, you can either use Traditional or Mushroom. Usually if I use Traditional, I will add some garlic. They are just the same I think, except that one has mushroom and the other one does not.

Cheese, you can you any kind of cheese. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cream Cheese etc. I used Chesdale because it's easier (not to mention cheaper).

So, lets get started shall we?
We will start with the Spaghetti.

1. First add some water into the pot. Around 3/4

2. Then, you add around 3 teaspoon of salt into the water. Not sure why. Probably for the taste. Huhu. I did just because mum taught me to.

3. Wait for the water to boil, then we insert the spaghetti. Kabloosh... okay that doesn't sound like the right sound effect.

4. Wait for the spaghetti to... become soft? Flexible? I think you got it. Then we add some margerine/butter. This is to prevent the spaghetti from being sticky and stick to each other. It added some flavour to the spaghetti too. And it's easier to eat.

Then, we wait till the spaghetti is ready. Woohoo. Easy.

When do we know it is ready?
Usually we check the colour. Making sure the yellow colour is even. Especially for Fettuccine and Linguine. We need to check the middle, making sure it is yellow. We always overlooked that.

Now, for the sauce.

1. I chopped some meat. To make it easier, you can buy Minced Meat, where you don't have to chop any meat. But if you can't find one, then yeah...

2. So, put some oil into a pot. A small or medium sized pot will do. And then we put the meat. *goreng goreng* Not really goreng actually. Just bagi masak sikit.

3. Then, we open the Prego sauce bottle and add it in the pot together with the meat. I mean, the sauce and not the bottle. The bottle, you can throw it into the dustbin.

You can add tomato puree, if you need more sauce.
Some add chili sauce because they don't want the sauce to become too sour. I guess.

4. After a few while, we can put the cheese inside the sauce. Yummy yummy. If you use Chesdale, you add 3-4 slices. Depends on your liking.

5. Add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

6. Stir it for a few minutes, then wallah! Done.

Fewh. Feel like writing a lab report.

Finally it is ready to be served.

Definitely your family's choice
This is what I call Spaghetti Orang Malas or Spaghetti Suka-suka because suka suka taruk apa suka.
You can try this at home.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

#BooksToRead #LetsRead #JomBaca


Harini adalah hari terakhir Final Exam.
Maka dengan ini diisytiharkan bahawa....CUTI SEMESTER SUDAH BERMULA.

I barely survived. 

Alright, aku telah merancang untuk habiskan cuti semester aku ini dengan beberapa aktiviti berfaedah dan salah satunya adalah membaca.

Banyak buku yang aku beli di Pesta Buku Antarabangsa atau di mana-mana pesta buku yang aku belum baca. Yeah. pentingkan pelajaran dulu. 

So, now is the time for me to read all those books I bought.


So, Lets Get Started!

Monday, June 22, 2015

50 Random Questions


So, tonight. I decided to do some random question and answer about myself.
This might be useful for anyone who wants me. Hahaha. No.

So, Lets get started!

1. What's your birthday?
10 December 1995. I demand for a present. Because I love presents. Why? Because I didn't receive many.

2. What's your favorite colour?
That would be the colour red. Wait, no, green. Maybe it's a mixture of red and green, which is the colour brown. But nahh, it's red. No, green. I'm confused.

3. How tall are you?
I'm 165 cm tall. Yayy Yayy

4. Where would your dream holiday be?
I would like to go somewhere with great history or nature.

5. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
If I know it, it wouldn't be a secret anymore right? But I would like to think that I had a secret admirer. Hahaha.

6. Do you hold grudges?
I do, sometimes. But the problem with me is that I forget easily.

7. Can you solve sudoku puzzles?

8. Are you a good liar?
My friend, Darina said "Sofea bukan jenis menipu."  Yeah. I'm bad in lying. It's just too obvious.

9. What has been your worst haircut/style?
Hahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha I blame my roomates for this.

10. What's your favorite accent?

11. Are you a hat person?
Not really, but someone did make me buy a cap.

12. What's your favorite fruit?
Watermelon, Jambu Batu, Pisang. Yayyy

13. Is the glass half full or half empty?
Half full.

14. Do you love or loathe Harry Potter?

15. Where do you like to go to on your first date?
Well, erm.... Somewhere fun and exciting.
If we went for movie or lunch/dinner, I would be really quiet. It's a first date after all. I'm a really shy person. If you want me to talk, take me somewhere fun, like the arcade. Hahaha. ermm yeah. Anywhere is fine, yeah.

16. Do you miss the way things were 6 months ago?
Yes, yes I do. But. I believe it's better this way.

17. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Well, I tried. But not really good in hiding them.

18. Are you a patient person?
Depends on the situation and your attitude. Hoho.

19. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
Ofcourse yessssss. But it depends. If it's gonna make me feel awkward, better don't.
But then, I forget things easily.
So, yeah it doesn't matter. But I would like to know.

20. Are you afraid of falling in love?
Hmm. no. But afraid of getting hurt? yes.

21. Do you still watch cartoons?
Heck yeah!

22. Describe your ideal proposal.
It would be like this. Me sitting in my room and suddenly mum shouted from the living room "May.. ada orang datang meminang!"

23. Has a book ever upset you?
Yeah, especially Malay love novels.

24. Why your best friend is your best friend?
Because they really know me and we are 'sekepala' woohooo

25. How many books do you own?
Almost hundred?

26. What is your Chinese astrological sign?
Oink oink hahahaha ha ha ha

27. How many languages can you speak?
2 and a quarter.

28. Nike or Adidas?

29. Hot tea or cold tea?
Warm~ "Milo suam satu!"

30. Do you want to get married?
Of course, I do...

31. What's your favorite month?

32. Do you like waffles?
Yes, peanut butter and chocolate.

33. Your favorite youtuber
Ryan Higa and Mat Lutfi

34. Are you happy with yourself?
Yes, I am. I think. Aside from being lazy.

35. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
Ubah tempat makan nanti kahwin banyak kali

36. How and where do you prefer to study?
I prefer studying alone at the library.

37. What is your blood type?

38. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of?
Yes, I am... I don't know if I ever will let it go.

39. Would you date a hottie who is totally dumb?

40. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?

41. What is family to you?
They are like my heart. Without them, I would probably die.

42. What is the worst thing that can be under your bed?
Well, I don't know. Probably hairs. Lot of hairs.

43. Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?
Well, it depends. Most preferred would be text. But talk for urgent matters.

44. Would you rather be twice as smart or twice as happy?
Twice as smart. ^_^

45. What is your most awkward moment in life?
When I have to act like a zombie in front of my boyfriend.

46. What's you stage name if you ever need one?
Peah hahaha. Nope. Just Sofea.

47. What do you think of horoscope sign? Does it really tell you how people behave according to their signs?
I don't think it really tells the people behavior according to the signs. Anyway, it's fun to read the signs.

48. Will you prefer vanilla over chocolate?
No. Haha. It will always be chocolate.

49. If you can paint anything into life, what would you paint?
Money. Oh wait? Does it need to be a life creature? Then maybe.... nothing. Because I am bad in drawing and it may look retarded.

50. What is your first song you learn on piano?
Wow... I can't remember but it would probably be baa baa black sheep.

Yeay, Done! 50 questions with some help from a friend.
Thank you for helping with the questions and...
thank you to guys for reading!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ramadhan Tiba!


Hari Pertama Ramadhan pada tahun ini telah berlalu. Masuk sudah ke hari yang kedua. Ini adalah kali kedua aku menyambut bulan Ramadhan di UPM. 

Kali pertama adalah ketika zaman Asasi
Dan sekarang sudah sambung ke peringkat Degree.
Time Asasi dulu, aku berjaya menurunkan berat badan sebanyak 8 kg
Percaya tak? Believe me, it's true. Hahaha.
Tapi malangnya, tak berjaya di maintain bila dah masuk bulan Raya. Yeap. Seperti biasa.

But, yeah. Nak cerita berpuasa time Asasi dulu. 
Bulan puasa tahun 2013 jatuh pada bulan di mana pelajar Degree sudah pulang bercuti semester. 
Dan ini bermakna........


Yeap, semua kafe tutup. Sebab apa? Sebab pelajar Degree takda. Ya, kami pelajar Asasi ibarat anak angkat (haha, takdalah)

Tapi disebabkan pihak MTM K13/ Senior K13 ni prihatin dan caring terhadap kami, pelajar Asasi ni... Dia bukak lah Bazar Mini. Cukuplah untuk beli makanan berbuka dan sahur sekali.

Dan Geng Surau K13 buat Ihya' Ramadhan. Di mana kita masak beramai-ramai dan makan beramai-ramai dalam talam. Aku pun tak berapa ingat apa yang aku buat kat Surau tu, sebab aku tak pandai masak, apatah lagi kerja-kerja dapur... So, emm, yeah. Tapi apa-apa pun best! 1 talam tu korang share dengan roommate-roommate korang. 

Walaupun bulan puasa, aktiviti amali Pertanian masih dijalankan seperti biasa. Cuaca memang agak panas dan sangat memenatkan tapi takpe... Kitaorang semua boleh tahan. 

Dan dalam bulan puasa itulah, Test 2 berlangsung selama seminggu/2 minggu pada waktu malam. Dan time inilah, orang mengambil peluang untuk meniaga. Delivery nasi kerabu lah, nasi lemak lah, nasi berlauk lah. Memandangkan exam malam, memang kitaorang bukak puasa dekat Pusat Asasi dan KAE lah. Semua pelajar Asasi berkampung kat situ. Tapi suasana dia menyeronokkan. 

Orang kata bulan puasa ni memenatkan, tapi tidak bagi aku. Bulan puasa membuatkan aku lebih gigih.. Lebih gigih untuk berjalan dari Flat Ikan ke Bazar Ramadhan Sri Serdang. Hahaha. Sanggup tau.

Dan paling best sekali adalah, berbuka puasa bersama-sama classmate, Kuliah 7. 

Dan aku memandang ke hadapan (looking forward to) Ramadhan pada tahun ini.

Azam Ramadhan tahun ini?
Pastinya untuk berusaha menjadi baik dan lebih baik. Memperbaiki diri ini.

dan.....kuruskan badan.