Saturday, December 13, 2014

Officially 19...Happy Birthday, Sofea.



It was my 19th Birthday! It's on the 10th of December.
"Oh wow, you are like so young"
Yeap, I get that a lot from friends of the same age. and I also know I look a whole lot older. Pfftt meh. Haha.

What does it feels like to be 19?

Well, I don't really think there's much difference. For example, people say you are free to do whatever you want when you reach 18. Haha that rule doesn't apply in my life. But it's not like I'm overly controlled or protected by my parents. So, I pretty much already have my freedom.

But, yeap the older you get, the more reality hits you in the face and more responsibility that you need to carry. You will start to realize what is really going on in your life. Life can get hard at times, but I will try my best.

What does it feels like to be like the "youngest"?

"Tak sangka kau muda weh"
"Adik-adik lah ni"
"You are so young. I'm so jealous"

I get that every year. every birthday. It's nothing, really. but maybe.... I get more attention? Hahaha Nawwhhh.
I used to feel like "special" because I thought that I'm the only who was born in December among friends. (of course that was when i was in primary school). But I was wrong.
But still, I like to think that December babies are born to be "Special".

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

This year... Well I have classes on my birthday. and I didn't go anywhere to celebrate. So, I spend the day in my room, trying to finish up my assignments. 
But still, It was a great birthday..

My mum wished me first (excluding the birthday wish I got from my bro at 9.30 p.m. on the 9th of December). Though she was 4 minutes earlier. She wished me on FB (mums nowadays haha kidding mum). But I was so touched with her wish. That my eyes became so sweaty. Yeap, sweats.

Then, my best friends and ex-roommates and ex-classmates... they all wished me 'Happy Birthday'
Though, I didn't get presents but their wishes were enough to make me the happiest girl on the planet.

Then, i got these free calls (imagine getting free calls but there's just no one to call). Well, I called my best friend, Ainu. We didn't talk that much (I blame the reception). Only for about 40 minutes. Then, she told me to call 'him'. 

Him. Haha naww. 
At first, I didn't want to. More like I was afraid. But yeah, she told me to give a try.
well yeah, trying won't harm me.
So, I called... First try, no answer. Second try... That's when miracle happened. 

I was speechless when he answered "Hi... Happy Birthday"
I can't stop smiling that I broke into laughter. 
That's how my birthday started.

The next day, I got a morning birthday wish from my housemates. And when I reached in front of the lecture hall, my guy course mates were still outside.
Matt "Happy Birthday Peah"
and then they start singing the birthday song. Hahaha. I felt kinda embarrassed, so I immediately entered the lecture hall.

Meisha "Hey Birthday Girl"
and the whole class starts singing birthday song. As usual, I didn't know how to response. So I just say 'Thank you, guys!'
I felt happy and excited.

And I felt so popular on that day because everywhere I go, there will be people wishing me 'Happy Birthday'. 
Imma happy kid.

Birthday presents?

My close guy friend did bought me a cake that I didn't get to eat because I went home. and college doesn't have a fridge for him to keep it for me. But still, I appreciate it, Izzad. Thanks.

And this one... from my awesome friend!
from : @aniradisua
Simple, but yet meaningful.
I really like it.

This is a pretty long post.
Alhamdulillah, I had live for 19 years and still are. Breathing fine, still healthy.
Thanks for all the wishes, guys.

Happy Birthday to me
and Happy unBirthday to you guys.


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