Monday, November 24, 2014

Thoughtful Tuesday: If Only We Can Control Our Heart....

It was a Monday morning lecture...
A lecture on Muscular system by Prof Roslan.

He explained about the basic things we need to know about the muscles...
Such as, there are 3 types of muscles

Skeletal Muscle
Cardiac Muscle 
Smooth Muscle

He gave a lecture on Cardiac muscle.
So cardiac muscle is located at the walls of the heart. (of course. They didn't give the name Cardiac for nothing)
And this muscle is under involuntary control. Where the muscles work without the need of our concious control...

So, Prof Roslan said

"Kalau heart ni under voluntary control, Kita kena bagitau heart bila nak contract and relax.
   Nanti kita nampak, orang tengah syok berborak, tetiba jatuh...

              Because we Humans, tend to forget

 Tengah syok bercakap, lupa nak suruh heart to contract, relax and pump blood. Terus mati"

He also said

   "Itulah ciptaan Tuhan. Segalanya sempurna"

We can't control our heart.
It will keep on beating no matter how hurt we are.

That's why we just need to keep moving on no matter what.


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