Thursday, November 27, 2014

First CRUSH I EVER had in my life.

Haha yeah, I am gonna share my experience of having a crush for like the first time.
and it happened this year when i was almost at the end of my foundation studies.

I never had a crush before during high school. Maybe I was attracted a little with some guys but not enough to make me crazy over them.
But this one, yes.
Not entirely crazy, just excited.

It started when my friend, Su, told me
"Sofea, Hicomm kata diorang nak kau main untuk opening dinner FICE nanti boleh?"
"Haa? Boleh kot. tapi aku tak berapa konfiden"
"Diorang nak kau main dengan Panadol"
"Oh ? Panadol tahu main piano???"
(dah nampak dah excited aku kat situ)

and then, there was an audition held at K13's hall for my batch dinner performance.
I was auditioning with my friends as a band. I was their pianist.

After my band auditioned, the person in charge with the performance came to me

"Sofea tahu kan Sofea main opening dinner nanti, time perarakan masuk pelajar nanti, dengan Panadol"
"Lagu Let It Go tau. sebab tema dinner Fire and Ice"
"Okay, Got it."

I saw him... He was auditioning too for the performance.
I went to him...

"Hai Panadol, tau kan kita kena main piano untuk opening?"
"Ah yes... Let It Go. Do you know how to play that song?"
"Well, maybe a little. But i printed out the music scores"
"Music Scores? Do we really need that?"
"Can I borrow the scores for a while?"
"Yeah, sure."

Done with the audition, we brought the keyboards to the back and try to work out the arrangement for Let It Go.
But we ended up playing other songs for fun.
and I just knew that he couldn't read scores. He played by ear using chords.
He played Rolling In The Deep together with drums that is already recorded in his keyboard.
His playing captured other's attention but he captured my heart.

Then he played Just A Dream - Sam Tsui's version.... Which is one of my favorite song !
So, I got real excited... Because I tried playing that song by ear but could never get the chords right.

So, he stand next to me and showed which key to press....

hmm.. hihi i feel like flying...

what i really felt at that moment...

When I reached my room, I hugged my pillow tightly and rolled on the bed.
Still can't overcome the feeling i had. It made me wanna scream...

Both of us pass the audition.
and we rehearse like everyday.

I suggested that we do a mash up of Let It Go and Set Fire to The Rain since the dinner theme was Fire and Ice.
So, he left the song arranging job to me and said to teach him after I finish arranging.
Pfftt.. Fortunately, song arranging was not that hard. (Or i would have kill him)
But he did work on the arranging too, like telling me which part is more suitable for the ending.

To get to practise everyday with him just makes me really happy...
Everytime i went back into my room, I will squeal of excitement.

That's when i know how it feels like having a crush.

and then, the day has come...
I was waiting for him on stage. Then he came and I was stunned.
He looked really different (with the turtle-necked shirt of his and a red shirt on the outer layer)
He had like a fire painting at the side of his left eye.

"Wow, nice.. You wear a blue shawl. So that makes us Fire and Ice. Maybe u should like paint an ice too on your face"
"Ice cube?"
"No, like snow flake"

We had a little chit chat about studies and stuffs while waiting for the arrival of VIPs.

Then I said
"Let's take a picture"
what i actually wanted was to call someone else to take a picture of us..
But he took out his handphone and

"I never really do this"
and took a selfie with me...


Stage manager gave us a Walkie Talkie.
Someone (probably person in charge with technical stuffs) said

"Ready semua? Ready?"

Then Panadol took the Walkie Talkie and said

"Dah sedia dari subuh tadi dah"

"VIP dah sampai. VIP dah sampai"

Both of us get ready in front of the keyboards.

and start to play the mash up we did.

I got real nervous that i forgot which part I was suppose to play but I kept on playing.
I looked at him.
He sang the part that i was supposed to play..
"Oh !"
I got it and play the rest of the song smoothly till the end....


A few days later...

I decided to confess. Maybe partially confess (from my point of view)
I send a text to him saying

"I really like you! :D It's like i've found my other half. A Malay guy that plays piano :D :D"

I think that is what i said. You could think that as a confession or maybe admiration.

He replied
"I'm glad that you had fun that night"

Was that a REJECTION?

But I got over it in a short time, because I didn't put up any expectation of getting accepted. I mean, it was just for fun.
It surely did make my life much more interesting.

But then...
Someone else came into my life...


*Cerita lama dah ni
The sequel: He Who Captured My Eyes

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thoughtful Tuesday: If Only We Can Control Our Heart....

It was a Monday morning lecture...
A lecture on Muscular system by Prof Roslan.

He explained about the basic things we need to know about the muscles...
Such as, there are 3 types of muscles

Skeletal Muscle
Cardiac Muscle 
Smooth Muscle

He gave a lecture on Cardiac muscle.
So cardiac muscle is located at the walls of the heart. (of course. They didn't give the name Cardiac for nothing)
And this muscle is under involuntary control. Where the muscles work without the need of our concious control...

So, Prof Roslan said

"Kalau heart ni under voluntary control, Kita kena bagitau heart bila nak contract and relax.
   Nanti kita nampak, orang tengah syok berborak, tetiba jatuh...

              Because we Humans, tend to forget

 Tengah syok bercakap, lupa nak suruh heart to contract, relax and pump blood. Terus mati"

He also said

   "Itulah ciptaan Tuhan. Segalanya sempurna"

We can't control our heart.
It will keep on beating no matter how hurt we are.

That's why we just need to keep moving on no matter what.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Apa Itu Makanan Halal Tayyiban

dan Hai !

Sekarang ni jam menunjukkan pukul 4.48pm tapi gelapnya macam dah pukul 7.30pm...
Lebat betul hujan.
Guruh juga berdentum-dentam.


Anyway, minggu lepas aku pergi ke satu forum tentang MAKANAN HALAL (HALALAN TAYYIBAN). Panelnya adalah Ustaz Fauzi Abdullah.

Kita sebagai umat Islam mestilah akan mengambil dan mencari makanan yang halal kan?
Tapi pastinya ada masanya kita ragu-ragu atau tertanya-tanya 'Eh yang ni halal ke tak? Boleh makan ke tak?'

Itu dinamakan sebagai Makanan Syubhah di mana kita tidak ketahui dengan jelas halal dan haramnya.
Dan perkara ini selalunya terjadi pada aku apabila aku nak beli snacks ke coklat ke apa ke, then cek takda logo halal... aku pun macam "Eh halal ke tak ni? tapi sedap."
ataupun ketika keluar jalan-jalan, nak try makanan Korea lah, Omputeh lah... tapi tak sure halal ke tak (sebab tak pamer sijil halal)... tapi nak sangat try.

Jika korang berhadapan dengan situasi sebegini, maka hukumnya adalah Haram.
Ini adalah untuk mengelakkan termakannya yang haram.

Jadi, kita ambil yang Halal, tolak yang Haram, tolak juga yang Syubhah.

Ustaz Fauzi : Yang halal banyak kat dunia ni... Tapi yang haram itu jugaklah yang kita                            nak pegang, buat atau makan. 
Sentap. hahaha.

Itu bab Halal.
Namun, kita bukannya perlu mencari makanan yang halal sahaja... tapi makanan yang halal Lagi Baik... (refer Ayat di atas)

yang halal lagi baik

Tayyiba maksudnya baik

Makanan halal ini terbahagi kepada dua, iaitu:
1. Tayyiba
2. Tidak Tayyiba

Contoh Makanan tidak Tayyiba:

1)Kerana Sakit
Gula halal, tapi tidak baik untuk pesakit diabetes.
so, itu adalah halal yang tidak tayyiba.

2) Cara Penyediaan
Makcik kantin goreng ayam. Tiba-tiba, ayam tu terjatuh pulak atas lantai.
Makcik itu kutip balik.
Maka, makcik itu telah menyebabkan makanan itu tidak tayyiba.

3) Ketika Penyediaan
Isteri yang sedang memasak untuk suami tapi bebel, maki hamun
"Tak guna punya suami, aku penat-penat masak , kau sedap je tidur"
dan segala carutan bagai.
Itu jugak menyebabkan makanan tidak...tidak apa? tidak Tayyiba...

4) Makanan yang Sejuk
Makanan yang tayyiba adalah makanan yang dimakan ketika ianya masih panas.
Ustaz kata "sebab itu susu ibu suam"
Rasulullah S.A.W pernah berkata jika makanan bertembung dengan Solat Isyak, makan dahulu sebab makanan masih panas.

Itu dia.. Penerangan tentang Makanan Halalan Tayyiban..

Soalan-soalan berkaitan Makanan Halal akan aku share pada entry akan datang. InshaAllah.