Sunday, October 5, 2014

Biomedical Student? Yes, yes I am...

This is my second attempt writing about my current degree life.
Assalamualaikum and Hi guys!

FINALLY, an actual holiday.... Escaping for awhile from my hectic life.

Nenek: Aiyaa, ngo tai lei sau jor lor... lei tok shu kem san fu meh?
(Translation: aiyaa, saya tengok you sudah kurus la.. banyak susah belajar ke?)

No, grandma, it's not that hard and no, I am not getting any thinner.
But I did lose some weight. jyeah.

I am now taking Bachelor of Biomedical Science in UPM (forever UPM). People usually call us as those student who wanted to enter Medic but 'takda rezeki'. I admit that my used-to-be ambition is to be a Doctor. I wanted to work in the hospital as a Doctor. But, during my days in Asasi, I soon realized that maybe i was not meant to be a Doctor. So, I put Biomedical Science as my first choice.

So, here i am as a Biomedical Science student. The first day of lecture... or should i say the first week of lecture, all the lecturers said 'Mesti ni semua letak Medic first choice tapi tak dapat, so masuk Biomedic ni...' Well, I am proud to say that Biomedic was my first choice.

People, now, might not see the importance of this course yet. Most student will say 'Nanti susah cari kerja.' or maybe 'Lepas graduate nanti nak jadi apa?'. Hahaha. Rezeki itu boleh dicari dan rezeki itu adalah dari Tuhan. Asalkan kita berusaha dan usaha kita sekarang adalah untuk belajar. Kerja? We can be Scientists, Researchers, Pegawai and stuffs... or maybe you can create a job... The sky is the limit. It is all up to you.

There's a saying "Pandanglah pekerjaan kamu pada 4 tahun akan datang, bukannya pada peluang yang ada sekarang ini"

This course is still new in Malaysia and it's up to us to bring it up and show them the importance of this course...

For we, biomedical people, are THINKERS.

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  1. Good luck friend. Please continue my dream in triggering the Biologgy's knowledge