Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Passport Photo VS Selfie


*me taking selfies*

"Oh wow.. i look so cute..."
"This one is nice too"
"Yellow makes me look fair"
"Gosh. im so cute"
"Which should i upload on Instagram"
"Beauty like this should be shared to the public hahahaha"

*found a pair of sunglasses*

"Looks like more selfies.. this time with sunglasses"
"Maybe i should take it from a different angle."
"Oh yes. Nice angle"

*tons of selfies uploaded on Instagram*


Took a passport sized photo at a shop. That would be the third time i took a passport sized photo since the i registered for Foundation, which is a year ago.

The first time i took a passport sized photo... I was pretty sure my eyes were wide enough and i smiled.
but the result...

"Wow. This is worst than i have imagined"
"Is this how i really look like?"
"Look at those asian eyes. Gosh."
" I don't look like I'm smiling at all"
"Look at those chubby cheeks"

They gave me a CD so i don't have to take another photo the next time... but of course, i wanna take a new one.

The second time was not that satisfying too.

The third time.. not bad. hahaha.

I take this very seriously. I wanna look good on my Matric Card.


  1. so this is one of the reason u love to wear yellow scarves. haaaaaaaaaaa kantoooi

    1. HAHAHAHAHA XD Gosh. the one and only reason i wear yellow scarves hahaha