Friday, September 23, 2016

Praktikal Sains Bioperubatan di INFORMM, USM

Hai bakal-bakal saintis semua!

Anda salah seorang pelajar yang bakal menjalani praktikal pada cuti semester?
Ataupun sudah "Road to Graduation" dan ini merupakan sesi praktikal yang terakhir?
Masih tercari-cari tempat untuk menjalani praktikal?

Jangan risau! Aku di sini untuk membantu!

So, Practical Go Where?
Aku rekemenkan kepada korang INFORMM, USM.
INFORMM adalah nama pendek untuk Institute for Research of Molecular Medicine.
Ianya amat sesuai bagi bakal-bakal saintis yang berminat dalam bidang molecular biology dan
 *Dan ini bukan hanya untuk pelajar jurusan Bioperubatan sahaja. Pelajar jurusan Biotech, Molecular Bio, dan yang sewaktu dengannya boleh juga memohon. 

Di manakah INFORMM?
INFORMM berada di dalam kawasan USM.
Seperti mana yang korang semua tahu, USM ada di Pulau Pinang dan juga Kelantan.
Dan ya, INFORMM ada di dua-dua negeri tersebut.
Kalau rumah ada di area Pantai Timur, pergilah ke Kelantan.
Kalau rumah area Utara, maka pergilah ke Pulau Pinang.
(Kalau rasa nak dekat dengan rumah lah)
Macam aku, dari Selangor ke Pulau Pinang, apahal? Untuk jalan-jalan lah. Apa lagi.

Macam mana nak mohon ye?
Cara nak mohonnya tersangatlah senang. Mohon online sahaja. Dan urusan-urusan seterusnya juga adalah online.

Pergi ke laman web INFORMM. Korang boleh klik di sini atau Google je INFORMM.

Lepas tu, hover cursor korang pada tab "Networking" dan click pada "Industry Engagement".

klik untuk tumbesaran.
Lepas klik tu, akan keluar list of titles. Tekan pada "Research Internship in Molecular Medicine".
Dan akan keluar seperti di bawah:

Dan borangnya adalah di link tersebut. 
Isi borang tu, submit and done!

Senang je.

Bila dapat jawapan?

Jawapan selalunya dapat dalam masa 2 minggu. Aku dulu dapat jawapan selepas seminggu memohon. 
Dan jawapan tu dihantar melalui e-mel. Rajin-rajinkan diri cek e-mel ye. Dah besar dah.

Nak pilih Supervisor yang mana ye?

Dalam borang tu, kita boleh memilih 3 orang supervisor. 
Supervisor 1
Supervisor 2
Supervisor 3
Dan permohonan kita akan dihantar ke Supervisor 1 dulu. Kalau dia terima kita, settle. Kalau dia reject, permohonan kita akan pass kepada Supervisor 2 and so on.

Setiap supervisor tu ada bidang kepakaran mereka sendiri. Contohnya, supervisor aku, Dr. Eugene, bidang kepakarannya adalah dalam "Molecular Biology of Infectious Disease". 

Korang boleh tengok senarai supervisor dan bidang kepakaran mereka di sini:

Click di "About Us" dan klik pada "Academics". And tadaa!

Boleh menginap di kolej kediaman USM tak?

Boleh. Just call pejabat UPPU, USM dan mereka akan suruh korang hantar surat rasmi permohonan penginapan kepada mereka. 
Dan mereka akan emailkan surat-surat dan borang-borang yang perlu diisi dan dibawa. 
Easy peasy.

Selesai cerita tentang INFORMM dan cara-cara memohonnya.

Dan di sini ada video pendek yang aku buat, summary praktikal aku di INFORMM, USM.

Itu sahaja dari aku,
Aku akan ceritakan pengalaman aku di situ, InshaAllah, dalam post lain.
Harap ini membantu korang-korang yang sedang tercari-cari lagi.

Monday, August 29, 2016

How It Feels Like To Lose A Mother

Assalamualaikum and hi guys.

So recently, I have been receiving news of people passed away. My friend's grandmother, my friend's aunt and my friend's mother.
And they all have one thing in common.
They were mothers.
They were somebody's mum.
They were my friend's mum.
They were my friend's dad mum.

Which occur to me, How It Feels Like To Lose a Mother.
It has been in my mind for quite a while. I thought about it at times.
Like if my mother passed away, what should I do? How would I feel? Would I be strong enough to face it, to accept it? Can I take care of my family? Would I be lonely?

My Mother

I am not the type of person that talks much, but I talk a lot with my mum. Especially, when I got home from college. I talk non stop until my mum pretended to be asleep to make me stop.
She is like a friend, a BFF but of course I respect her as a mother.
She always know what I wanted to eat.
I was craving for spaghetti, and suddenly she texted me saying that she cooked spaghetti for dinner.
I wanted KFC, and suddenly she called and asked dad to buy KFC.
These happened a lot of times, and I'm amazed. Like what kind of sixth sense was that.
I remember I 'kacau' her praying, and she chased me out of her room. Then she took revenge by 'kacau' me back when I pray, although what she did was unintentionally. Hahaha.

To me, my mum is such a strong woman. I think all mothers are. I know how hard she work. Sometimes I felt angry towards my brothers for making things much difficult for her. But sometimes I was the one making things difficult and I felt bad. But I don't really apologize. Malu. Hahaha. And probably ego. Sometimes I apologize through letters, texts. Sometimes I hug her for no reason, to compensate for what I did.
There was one time, she had infection in one of her ears. When I got home for the weekend, I saw her lying on her side in front of the TV. After putting my stuffs down, I lie down behind her, and hug her from the back. And I heard her sobbing. I know it must have been so hard for her.

My mum is great in many ways.
There's more that I wanted to write about my mum, but that would be a really really long post.
I think this is more than enough to show how important my mum is in my life.
And losing her would be like losing a part of me.

I can't imagine how would it be like to go home, and she won't be there.
She won't be there
to make fun of my pimply face,
to listen to my endless stories,
to get tease by me,
to laugh at my lame jokes,
to request me play the piano,
to boast about her cooking,
to make fun of our dad,
to tell all the funny things that happened when I wasn't home,
and the list goes on and on and on...

But of course, this is how life is.
Everything that we have is borrowed from Allah.

Be nice to your parents. You never know when is your last moment with them.
Make time for them.
Make them happy.
Don't treat them like a burden, because they never treat us like a burden.

"Always love your mother, because you will never get another..."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Quick and Short Updates!

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!
How are you guys? If you ask me, I am both okay and not okay.

This is gonna be quite a short update about what's happening currently in my life.
I think I rarely do posts like this, but it's better than not writing anything.

1. End of Second Year!

Actually, I haven't completely end my Second year yet. I still have this one and a half month of internship. But going for internship is better than spending the whole 2 months of semester break doing nothing, if you ask me.
But after I completed my internship, that will be the official end of my second year. The official end, that will only last for about 3 days before the new semester starts.

Hahaha. Yeah. Great.

2. I'm in Penang Baybeh!

Yes, I'm doing my internship in USM, Penang. I've always dreamed of doing my degree here in USM but UPM doesn't wanna let me go. Hahaha. Intern kat USM pun jadilah.
I'm going to update about my internship here in INFORMM, USM in other post.
Internship aside, we get to explore Penang! Honestly I've never stay somewhere outside of Selangor any longer than a week. At least I get to experience what it felt like to study somewhere far.

3. Getting Ready for Third Year?

Wow. Being a Third year student makes me thing how fast does the time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday I went through First year's orientation. And now I'm going to be a third year and then final year. Final Year Project!!! I don't think I'm ready for any of this, but as usual, we are just gonna go through this. Redah je.

4. Relationship?

I got myself into and out of a relationship recently.
And I have something to say about this to all of you youngsters, teenagers, young adults.
Hope I could publish it soon.
For me, it is a very serious matter. And I want to spread the message to all of you.

I guess that is all for now...
Stay positive, guys and be happy.
Thanks for reading.